Do you "know your onions"?

Posted By: Swiftie

Do you "know your onions"? - 02/01/17 12:25 PM

"Knows their onions" is a phrase I've not heard for some time; perhaps it's a little old fashioned these days.
Is it used much outside the UK?
Posted By: LukeJavan8

Re: Do you "know your onions"? - 02/01/17 04:46 PM

I personally have never heard of it, but,

Posted By: wofahulicodoc

Re: Do you "know your onions"? - 02/01/17 04:56 PM

Recognize it, but never particularly associated it with any location in particular...
Posted By: may2point0

Re: Do you "know your onions"? - 02/02/17 02:15 AM

I hadn't heard this idiom before, but had a nice time exploring it. Thank you. A bit paradoxical as I wonder how to know thyself with a beginners mind. Ogres have layers. Does it have anything to do with

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