Posted By: Brandon Freudian Typos - 06/21/01 02:17 PM
We all know some good Freudian slips, but how about Fruedian typos. This came ot mind as I almost sent an email to a colleague that mentioned some networking activities at a local university. Fortunately, I corrected it from "notworking."

I pulled this experience from a "Freudian typo" google search: a Sociology 101 student who had done a paper on local religious leaders' beliefs about abortion and contraception. Describing her interview with a Baptist pastor, she wrote, "As regarding misconception, he said that his wife and him use it."

Other examples that crap up in your typing?

Posted By: Bean Re: Freudian Typos - 06/21/01 02:58 PM
I have too much trouble with public/pubic.

I don't know what that says about me! I just know if I type the word "public" I double-check it to make sure that it's right!

Posted By: maverick Re: Freudian Typos - 06/21/01 03:10 PM
Bean, you have reminded me of a wonderful old silent film from the ?early 60s, designed I think as a training film for the UK construction industry and using all the leading comedy actors of the time. Called something like A Home of Your Own, it featured every conceivable cockup ever perpetrated on site, including the ongoing joke of a stonemason meticulously carving the foundation stone. When the civic dignitary pulls aside the curtain on completion, it sure enough proudly reads:
This building was raised by pubic subscription.

Posted By: inselpeter Re: Freudian Typos - 06/23/01 01:54 PM
<<"As regarding misconception, he said that his wife and him use it.">>

But never pubicly.

Posted By: wwh Re: Freudian Typos - 06/23/01 02:45 PM
"As regarding misconception, he said that his wife and him use it."

"Him" meaning the wife's lover?

"examples that crap up in your typing?" Another illustration of your problem?

Posted By: wow Re: Freudian Typos - 06/23/01 03:54 PM
Sometimes, writing up a loooong meeting, I tended to render Board of Selectmen as Bored of Selectmen. Fortunately my Editor was quick!

Posted By: Brandon Re: Freudian Typos - 06/24/01 12:08 AM
"examples that crap..."

Yes, albeit a very intentional one (with questionable effects).

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