Rhyming trouble.....

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Rhyming trouble..... - 08/05/13 03:27 PM

Rhyming Trouble

There comes to me a question, your ear toward me bow,
Pray listen to my ditty and do not start a row ­–
I’ve lots of words peculiar, enough to fill a mow — ­
And thoughts crowd in upon me, like piglets by a sow.

So lay aside your weapons, let no one draw the bow,
And sit yourselves around me, all neatly in a row,
On clover leaves and timothy, all ready for to mow –
Alas, we must be moving, the farmer wants to sow.

– “Cryptox,” in the National Puzzlers’ League publication Enigma, May 1945
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Re: Rhyming trouble..... - 04/29/14 03:09 PM

More Rhyming Trouble

By way of a diversion from the busy life I lead,
I sit outside on summer days and have a pleasant read;
But when the sunshine disappears and clouds begin to lower,
I run indoors in expectation of a heavy shower.

Sometimes the sky is overcast and ponderous as lead,
So lengthy rainstorms are a prospect one can take as read.
I often hold a party when the temperature is lower,
And all my friends are glad to come, except the odd no-shower.
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Re: Rhyming trouble..... - 04/29/14 09:04 PM

so what's the trouble? .. I like the fact you've used the preferred pronunciation of lower :: to be or become dark, gloomy, and threatening; i.e., to rhyme with (heavy) shower
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Re: Rhyming trouble..... - 04/30/14 12:26 AM

– “Cryptox,” in the National Puzzlers’ League publication Enigma, May 1945

Luke, where did you come across this? Did you know that the Enigma is still being published?
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Re: Rhyming trouble..... - 04/30/14 03:28 PM

PS. I did not know Enigma was published still.

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