50 Fancy Words
Theres a certain familiarity about a lot of the words in the list (AWAD perhaps) I could comfortably decipher 10 maybe with another 10 there or there abouts. The rest I would relegate to Dales infamous 'type 3' folder, Maybe 2.
Where is Dale, anyway?
six or seven i have no idea of and as many again i would only use in company of friends case i have meaning not totally right in my head. the rest i would use with confidence.
Where is Dale, anyway?

So, you want maybe fifty links with fifty "in case you haven't looked it up yet, here's a link" links?

I did not know baldenfreude.
Anna, good to see your fonts again, m'dear!

I knew nearly 40 for sure, and some of the rest I have seen in context but could not give a def. without that. Others, like sui generis, I have seen and completely forgotten the meaning.
There's 22 out of the fifty I need not look up. Most of thoses are direct import words

These are words can you train yourself on in that Free Rice game.Link I keep it in the sideline ever since it turned up here. Best word game I know.

PS. Not to spend a new thread on this but wouldn't it be nice to not say:
"What an unsightly congeries of mismatched assets the McGuinty government seems to have in mind."
But: " What an ugly heap of trash the McGuinty government seems to have in mind" (?) frown
Posted By: zmjezhd Re: vote early, vote often - 06/09/10 02:02 PM
the McGuinty government

Ah, the Great McGuinty. Now that was a movie. Donleavy, Tamiroff, et al.
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