Posted By: Sparteye tsuwm's house of horrors - 05/07/05 10:51 PM
How about a game in which a person posts a word from tsuwm's collection, and the next person posts a description of a monster so-named?

For example, person one posts "jeevesian", and person two says, "a cross between a penguin and a giraffe, having a tuxedo-like black-and-white coat and a tall, thin appearance; is generally not dangerous, but can attack when provoked by particularly bad fashion."

After posting the horrifying definition, post a word for the next person to define.

OK? Here's the first word to define:


Posted By: maverick Re: mollock - 05/08/05 12:01 AM
A large fringed mollusc shaped like a… tennis ball, which if attacked by a large enough fish will drop to the ocean floor and squirt a defensive ink in the manner of a squid.


Posted By: Vernon Compton Re: mollock - 05/08/05 12:08 AM

An angry farmer, whose loose-weave cotton shirt has seen better days.


Posted By: musick aegrotat - 05/08/05 12:18 AM
A young dragon whose prey consists of urban rats and pigeons, and who may only hunt after given permission to do so by its elders.



Choose your.... monster! (pardon me, VC)
Posted By: Elizabeth Creith Re: nipperkin - 05/08/05 11:33 AM
A small, swamp-dwelling creature, about the size of a sparrow with batlike wings and a corkscrew proboscis. The nipperkin latches on to unwary passers-by and deposits its eggs on precisely that part of the back which they cannot reach to scratch.


Posted By: of troy Re: nipperkin - 05/08/05 01:24 PM
Fid--a very small insect, (smaller than the .(dot/full stop) used in average newpaper). It lives in the deep woods, and is lives it entire life cycle in a single day. Its entire lifecylce is hatching, mating, laying eggs, and dying. the eggs are layed on plant material, they hatch, and eat the plant material, drop to ground as larva, and spend the next 364 days, burrows.

What make the Fid dangerous, is, it swarms, and will attack living thing for protein for its eggs. Their saliva has a potent nerve toxin, (to help immobilize the prey.)

Caught in a swarm, a human adult can be immobiled in second, and dead with in 15 minutes.
Fids can be found temperate forest of south america. several colonies of fid have been found in NA, and authorities are worried that the animal might be now making its home here.

The next time you see a swarm of nosee'um, it might actualy be a swarm of fids.

Posted By: musick vogie - 05/08/05 02:30 PM
A cousin to the cave troll, this tall, skinny humanoid has long powerful fingers and hides in the cracks of the cave walls searching for anything that moves. It ususally ends up eating worms and insects but is known to kill anything by strangulation or just squeezing it to death.


Posted By: Saranita bumblepuppy - 05/08/05 07:04 PM
a creature whose deadly sting is an unexpected result of succumbing to the temptation to pet and cuddle this diminutive, flop-eared, frollicking bundle of tousled fur, resembling a yellow and black striped version of the Maltese breed of canine.


Posted By: Sparteye bucklesnort - 05/09/05 04:44 AM
The bucklesnort is so-named from its apparent habit of inhaling belt buckles. In reality, it is ingesting everything metal within reach of its elongated proboscis.


Posted By: TEd Remington Re: nipperkin - 05/09/05 11:28 AM
>Their saliva has a potent nerve toxin, (to help immobilize the prey.)

If the fid chews, beware it.

Posted By: Coffeebean Re: dolorifuge - 05/09/05 04:59 PM
The dolorifuge is a giant whirlpool which sucks its prey into an ever-tightening circle of self-pity and depression. Sailors beware! hello everybody!


Posted By: Elizabeth Creith Re:if the fid chews - 05/10/05 10:33 AM

Posted By: musick huderon - 05/10/05 03:24 PM
Nobody has ever seen a huderon but its favorite place to seek victims are the basements of abandoned and decrepit houses. Its main weapon is to give off a gas that will eventually kill anyone attempting to reside in such a structure without paying the appropriate property taxes.


BTW, tsuwm, although I did find "huderon" through your "expiscate" utility, it was not in your main index...

Posted By: maverick Re: gork - 05/10/05 08:52 PM
A Gork is a particularly vicious wild pig with a curious green skin pigment around the ears, found mainly in the wilder regions of Siberia. It is not only vicious in a mean spirited way but is positively playful: its favourite tactic is to saunter past a hunting party, sprinting out of the way as the first hunter tries to leap upon his back. This has been known to continue until all the men are virtually exhausted. The only tactic proved to bring home the bacon is for groups of the women to throw themselves sacrificially in the wild animal’s path – hence the traditional tribal wisdom:

Never board a boar abroad afore four broads be floored.


interesting game, Spartann. but I must say I think that bucklesnort is a ringer.

I may have to collect these, for my collection.

p.s. to musick : huderon is nae in the word list due to the lag in getting recent words into said list.

p.p.s. : this reminds me of a nother lag, about which I'll post a question elsewhen.

Posted By: Saranita cautelous - 05/11/05 05:07 PM
*"bucklesnort* was my error because I had no idea what word list you were referencing. That's what happens when you try to play the game without understanding the rules. Someone most kind has directed me to the list, and I shall try to redeem myself below.*

Cautelous: Found exclusively in catacombs, the "cautelous" monster is an hourglass-shaped figure whose skin looks very
much like white lace and whose countenance appears tender but whose many arms, which initially appear to her prey to be gently beckoning, are actually capable of inflicting unrelenting heat that sears the skin and permanently
deadens the nerves of her victims.


Posted By: AnnaStrophic [interruption] - 05/11/05 07:27 PM
I have an in with the tsuwm-wwftd organization, Saranita. Want I should get you a free trial subscription? [/resume game]

Posted By: maverick Re: [commercial] - 05/11/05 09:22 PM
In the interests of anyone else who might read this thread as a newcomer, and in gratuitous assistance of linkage to keep Mike Numero Uno with google's Al Gorythm, let me add the address here:

http://home.mn.rr.com/wwftd/ [/break]

Posted By: musick lanterloo - 05/11/05 10:38 PM
Did you ever think you heard or saw something moving at the bottom of the pit of an outhouse? Chances are it was a lanterloo. These snake-like creatures have no natural enemies... well, no real friends either. Their habitat provides plenty of... ahem... sustenance. Just be glad they have no arms to reach or legs with which to jump.


Zed, I know the feeling.
Posted By: Zed Re: lanterloo - 05/11/05 10:40 PM
The lanterloo is an annoying but relatively harmless sprite akin to the Danish Nisseman which inhabits public washrooms especially of train stations. It lurks out of sight waiting to douse the lights just as one sits down. It is never seen but can be identified by the barely audible, high pitched snicker from above and behind your right shouder.

edit Rats, I type too slow and don't have time to do sowl. Maybe tomorrow.

Posted By: dxb Sowl - 05/12/05 08:04 AM
Sowl – a flying creature rather like a manta ray in appearance, about one metre across the wings and with strong lengthy cilia on the underside of the wings. Its favourite location is on the upper hook on a coat rack where it hangs looking like a warm headscarf. The sowl does not attack, but relies on its unwary prey to pick it up and put it on before going out into the cold. When the sowl is in place over the head of its prey, or around its neck, it then uses the cilia to grasp the prey by the ears and control it utterly by forceful, painful, tugging.


Edit: Hi Coffeebean - good to see you!

Posted By: Sparteye kalopsia - 05/12/05 02:51 PM
That was my fault, Saranita ... I shudda had a link to tsuwm's site in the original post. The older I get, the more I forget.

kalopsia ... a master of disguise, this creature most often lurks around beaches and pools posing as lawn furniture. When a hapless victim sits on the kalopsia, it envelopes him and enjoys a hardy lunch. A hunting kalopsia is rarely detected, as by-standers usually dismiss the brief fury of activity involved in snaring prey as just another folding chair collapsing.


Posted By: Saranita Re: kalopsia - 05/12/05 04:14 PM
Sparteye, How nice of you to post that.

Posted By: musick murcid - 05/12/05 06:43 PM
Found only at the bottom of Scottish lakes, this microscopic organism guards the shores against deep water diving paparazii, and is the only reason a clear photo of the Loch Ness monster has never been acheived as murcid is quickly drawn to, covers and etches a frost into any light-reflective surface which penetrates the water (eg. divers goggles, camera lenses, air tank gauges, etc.).


Posted By: Sparteye Re: murcid - 05/13/05 07:21 PM
sgriob -- a cross between a pixie and a yeti, the sgriob delights in scrambling scrabble tiles so that players draw only vowels or only consonants each turn, or never get a "u" to go with the "q"; they also muddle word processing programming so that scrivener's errors appear no matter how carefully the document is typed. Conversely, they occasionally enjoy arranging the noodles in alphabet soup to spell actual words, but only when the soup eater is alone.


Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu Re: murcid - 05/14/05 02:17 AM
> arranging the noodles in alphabet soup to spell actual words, but only when the soup eater is alone.

Posted By: Elizabeth Creith quidnunc - 05/14/05 12:11 PM
A specialized variety of dustmite. The quidnunc lurks in pockets where it consumes small change and excretes wads of lint that delude the pocket-wearer into believing there is actually money in the pocket.


Posted By: musick hadiwist - 05/15/05 03:47 PM
This creature is sometimes called a wraith, and that would not be entirely false except a hadiwist most often comes to you in your dreams. It alters your consciousness so as to make you think that what you do the next day has been forseen, thus either provoking the feeling of 'deja vu' or the illusion of the power to control all around. It is generally thought that anyone who gambles has been infected by a hadiwist.


Posted By: Faldage Banjax - 05/15/05 05:20 PM
The banjax is absolutely infuriated by bluegrass music and will do anything in its power to prevent its being played. Usually it accomplishes this by detuning the instruments but if necessary it will physically attack one in particular, shredding its head and breaking its strings.


Posted By: Sparteye Re: Banjax - 05/15/05 09:55 PM
A Pharos is, of course, a mummy. Only, not a mummy of a king or his servants, but of a cat. The Pharos cat mummy is particularly rare, since the cat has to die nine times before the mummification can take effect, and most people just don't want to get involved in that much work. Which is saying a lot since we're talking about the same people who built the pyramids.


Posted By: musick bloviate - 05/20/05 05:17 PM
A bloviate is a very small, rapacious fish. Since it has no teeth it has developed a unique attack method. It sneaks up on its prey and attaches itself by sucking with its powerful lips. Then it spits a stored water reserve at a very high velocity as a projectile into its prey's flesh, which quite often acts as a drill creating a hole.


Posted By: amnow Re: bloviate - 05/20/05 06:47 PM

this is a writing utensil that prevents scriveners from ever, ever having a happy ending to a story


Posted By: Sparteye Re: bloviate - 05/21/05 01:40 AM
A dumquirl is a horrifying night creature, which sneaks into a person's room and clandestinely puts permanent curls in the victim's hair. The poor victim suffers great surprise upon viewing the new do in the morning: Hey! Why do I look like Little Orphan Annie? AIEEEEEE!!!


Posted By: Elizabeth Creith Re: abomasum - 05/25/05 12:36 PM
An African predator. The abomasum relies on its ability to camoflage itself as a thornbush, thus becoming a part of a cattle enclosure. At night it disengages itself and feeds, returning to its place before daylight.


Posted By: Zed Re: stichomythia - 05/26/05 10:32 PM
Stichomythia are a strain of virus often transmitted on the surface of shiny paper. They are responsible for visual hallucinations and cognitive deficits and cause otherwise rational people to believe in the existance of living human beings proportioned like supermodels.


Posted By: musick Puggle - 05/28/05 03:18 PM
Beware of the puggle. It is deceptively cute and although most think it is a cross between a pug and a beagle, it is a vicious combination between a pug and eagle brought about by the famous Dr. Moreau himself in his early stage of experimentation. An attempt to pet a puggle will usually result in getting one's eyes poked out by its powerful beak which is successfully hidden by many folds of facial skin.


Posted By: tsuwm ficelle - 05/28/05 03:48 PM
the ficelle has long been the bane of the lexicographer, as it is a tricky bugger that is prone to depositing its frass in the form of artificial definitions in dictionaries and glossaries about to be typeset. it is also suspected of having corrupted the odd Balderdash® box-set

in a fit of pica, the lads at MIT developed an AI version that now haunts the OED online; it can also be found bedeviling an occasional round of hogwash®.

Posted By: musick Zarf - 05/28/05 04:31 PM
A zarf is very large and intelligent rodent. It has a bit of a vendetta held against humans as they are the ones which constantly evict them from thier homes - which are mainly the walls of old buildings that hold their favorite delicacy; old paper covered insullation. As construction, remodeling and replacement with new fiberglass insulation has forced the zarf into the streets and alleys it has sought its revenge by burrowing under and weakening the street surface, creating strategically places potholes. As yuppies attempt to drive large vehicles with coffee in one hand and as the vehicle is so big these potholes are never seen in time to avoid, this most often results in spillage and the staining of suits an dresses. Interestingly enough, zarfs are most often found lurking by the back door of your local drycleaners looking for *rewards.


Posted By: dxb Sprunt - 06/01/05 03:29 PM
The shortest of a litter of monster siblings. Although coming from the same mother each monster in the litter has its own distinctive characteristics. The Sprunt’s habitat is in dark twittens from whence it springs out on unsuspecting wayfarers, taking up a challenging and uncompromising position. After hours of debate the victim, worn down by the Sprunt’s unbending arguments, gives up the ghost and cannot resist as the Sprunt sucks all the logic out of him.


Posted By: Elizabeth Creith Re: Tenesmus - 06/01/05 08:13 PM
The Tenesmus occasionally works in concert with its sibling, the Sprunt, in order to scavange the leftovers of the Sprunt's victims. The Tenesmus entangles the wayfarers' feet, should they show enough energy and will to sidestep the Sprunt.


Posted By: Jackie Re: impeccant - 06/03/05 02:12 AM
An impeccant is akin to a gremlin, but is also a shape-shifter. Their favorite thing to do is to imitate a sock in a laundry basket, then slither out of the washing machine after you turn away, leaving you in perpetual wonderment as to where the missing sock went. Their second-favorite activity is to eel themselves into your car wherever you've parked it, turn the volume knob way up, then depart. Being shape-shifters gives them the ability to do these things impeccably: they are never caught, thus their name.


Posted By: Elizabeth Creith Re: accidie - 06/03/05 12:15 PM
Accidie are microscopic parasites which occasionally infest the bellows of accordions and eat holes in them, causing a total inability to produce sound. A subspecies infest banjoes and fill up the soundbox.


Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu Re: accidie - 06/03/05 12:35 PM
and you call those parasites?

I actually like accordions and banjos...

Posted By: Elizabeth Creith Re: accidie - 06/03/05 09:18 PM
me too, Roger!

Posted By: musick sshhhh - 06/03/05 09:59 PM
Why are we whispering???

Posted By: Zed Re: sshhhh - 06/04/05 12:37 AM
Chorks are small and transparent but can be quite dangerous to one's career. Their prefered habitat is the dry hot air of conference rooms and lecture halls where they lurk waiting for their victims to become lethargic. When the muscles of the throat become sufficiently relaxed the chork will slip into the nasal passages cutting of air to the lungs and causing the victim to wake suddenly and noisily. Hence their name.


Posted By: musick Pluviose - 06/04/05 04:59 PM
A pluviose is a relatively harmless film noir spirit guide that conjures up stormy weather just for the emotional effect on its victims. It's the reason it always seems to rain at funerals and when you are lost driving on an unfamiliar country road at night. It will follow you around after having just hired Sam Spade (hired to find out why you lost your significant other) and is the same reason *prominent people seem to die "in threes".

Posted By: Sparteye Re: empyrean - 06/05/05 02:48 AM
An empyrean is a nasty little worm which crawls inside its victim's ear, eats through the eardrum and into the brain, and settles down there, subjecting the victim to delusions. Many victims come to believe that they are Napolean Bonaparte, although some think they are Alexander the Great.


Posted By: musick saulie - 06/11/05 01:29 PM
Saulie is a single spirit, who has been wandering the earth since the time of hell's forging. He was hired by Lucifer himself to hang around graves sites after funerals and capture the spirits of the dead as they rise from the grave. This was a common practice back when people were often buried alive, but as he was promised payment of everlasting life Saulie remains and is most often found hanging around mob bosses trying to find out where the next "hit" will be.


Posted By: carpathian Re: saulie - 06/11/05 03:22 PM

A saulie who hangs out with Carp hoping to convince himself that the grave site they occupy is populated by intelligent life forms.

Posted By: musick Cows shit too, but they don't brag - 06/11/05 04:24 PM
If you don't want to play the game as we have been you have your own playground for your own repetive contexts, carpathian. I'll even grant you the humor of your post here (dog dibrof anyone ever uses the letters c-a-r-p in a sentence again without garnishing your fodder), but the least you could do is use some of your verbal skills and come up with an imaginary monster... and, of course, leave us with a word from tsuwm's list so the next has an opportunity to continue.

Give peace a chance... for the rest of our lives, thank you.

Posted By: carpathian Re: Cows shit too, but they don't brag - 06/11/05 04:35 PM
Give peace a chance

That's a very intelligent proposal, musick.

You won't have any trouble with me if I don't have any trouble with you.

I hope your high-mindedness will provide an example to others, but, more likely, they will shun you for it, as they have shunned other peace-makers in the past.

Posted By: musick Meanwhile, out in the pasture... - 06/11/05 04:55 PM
You won't have any trouble with me if I don't have any trouble with you.

- and -

...but, more likely, they will shun you for it,...

Thanks for your concern, but methinks your focus should not be drawn to me, nor anyone else besides yourself. It is only there where one can live as one wishes and also only there where the seeds of peace may grow. Please take this discussion into PM.


I offer a new word for anyone who wishes:


Posted By: tsuwm scarper - 06/11/05 05:12 PM
the scarper is an insidious (albeit silly) monster that likes to deposit its scat in pristine, open areas and then scamper away.

Zoilos (cf. zoilism)

edit: never mind; as you were.

Posted By: musick Zoilos - 06/11/05 05:29 PM
A zoilos is a sharp clawed creature that runs through the forest, blindly tearing at anything in its path. This practice developed as it is blind to all but light-dark contrasts and had once torn right through the side of a deer (oh, dear) on its way to the bathroom... only to end up peeing on the carcass. It doesn't really know what it is eating, but judges its success from the remants under its finger nails.


Posted By: dxb Re: Quaggy - 06/13/05 09:32 AM
Quaggys (sometimes called zeerocs) – huge, winged, zebra-like monsters with a rank smell, living in the swamps of the Limpopo. Kin to the centaur, the quaggy is the only horse-like creature that is a predator. The quaggy is narcissistic and likes to turn its prey into a copy of itself, so it will often be seen rolling across pale skinned animals in order to transfer its black striped pattern onto their skin. Squashed to death by this copying process, the prey is more readily digested.


Posted By: AnnaStrophic Re: Emberlucock - 06/13/05 02:00 PM
A distant relative of the phoenix, which is reborn from the ashes, the evil cousin emberlucock is a nasty fowl that propagates by creating fire in the most unlikely places. Last seen spawning young firestarters from a blazing birthing space near the South Pole.


Posted By: musick antumbra - 06/15/05 04:09 PM
An antumbra is a wolf like creature that takes human form at the rise of each new moon. Its appearance(whether male or female) is irresistibly attractive once it has completed its change, and it then blends into the party nightlife and 'picks-up' its prey (always suggesting to go to their place for a drink). After the night of 'passion', morning sees the antumbra changing back into a wolf and devouring its 'mate'.


Posted By: tsuwm Re: antumbra - 06/15/05 10:02 PM
not to be confused with the umbra..

who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
the umbra do; and after knowing all of that evil, and taking on newly discovered bits of evil to its own purposes, it is just about the vilest and most evil thing imaginable.

but I digress..
Posted By: wow Re: cathect - 06/17/05 05:52 PM
This little monster is not so much dangerous as very, very, annoying. The cathect lives in churches, mosques, synagogues, and in fact anyplace people gather for spititual reasons. The cathect's sole purpose is to confuse the congregation. They causes hymnal pages to stick together so people find themselves singing a hymn different from what is being sung by others; the Cathect changes the ribbon place markers in prayer books, they curl up the edges of prayer rugs, they cause yalmulkas (sp?) to slip off the head or tilt rakishly over one eye. In general they are mischief makers whose sole purpose is to cause annoyance and distraction to people who seek quiet contemplation or connection with their higher power.
No description of the Cathect exists. They are known by their actions alone.

Posted By: carpathian Re: cathect - 06/19/05 12:31 PM
No description of the Cathect exists.

Your research was exceptional until you ended with that, wow.

You just gave us the best description of a Cathect I've ever read. In fact, your description is so good, I feel like I actually know one.

BTW Cathects have been known to disturb all manner of sanctuaries, not just traditional religious sanctuaries. :)

A magiree is a festival, usually held once a year, where cultists, mostly self-described "mages", congregate, by invitation only, to burnish one another's haloes.

Posted By: tsuwm Re: cathect - 06/19/05 02:06 PM
the least you could do is use some of your verbal skills and come up with an imaginary monster... and, of course, leave us with a word from tsuwm's list so the next has an opportunity to continue.


Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu Re: catheter... - 06/19/05 02:16 PM
> description

a description of physical characteristics...

Posted By: musick Gaseous anamoly - 06/19/05 02:34 PM
A flatudelphian is (even though, from what I can tell, IS NOT IN TSUWMS WWFTD LIST gheez) an oracle in training, who sees from the future the image of a world and attempts to create it. Only one slight problem... it is all alot of hot flatulence clouding their judgement and was truly never going to happen in the first place.


Actually ®, a magiree is related to the flatudelphian... by imagination only. It sits around all day cooking up enemies and schemes to rid itself of those imaginary monsters. In the end it finds out that it was truly its own worst enemy. I don't know if *anyone noticed, but I've tried to weave at least a hint of TSUWM'S WORD'S definition into my monster's creations.


Posted By: Rainmaker nauscopy - 06/19/05 02:54 PM
A little known sea monster that affects the mind of sailors causing them to shout "land ho!" and jump into the water, swimming vigorously to their death...


Posted By: carpathian Re: Gaseous anamoly - 06/19/05 04:10 PM
It sits around all day cooking up enemies and schemes to rid itself of those imaginary monsters.

That's very good, musick.

If all its enemies were as good-humored as you are, its enemies really would be imaginary. :)


A hip hopper who spends all his money on Phat Farm apparel.

So how do you find tsuwm's "collection", anyway? Is there a link somewhere?

Posted By: Rainmaker Re: Gaseous anamoly - 06/19/05 05:05 PM
Foul! These are supposed to be MONSTERS!

Oh, wait, you DID say 'hip hopper' - sorry, missed that...

Check out second page, I think, for link to tsuwm's stuff.

To continue: shalloon

Posted By: Rainmaker The link - 06/19/05 09:03 PM

The link.

Next (getting ahead of myself), one of my favorites:


Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu Re: shalloon - 06/19/05 09:53 PM
an invisible floating entity of possibility, the shalloon psychically influences those near it to explore what might be possible, leading to all sorts of new adventures, and sometimes catastrophe...


Posted By: Sparteye aglet - 06/20/05 03:07 AM
Aglet: A small, worm-like creature which eats shoe strings and button threads. And, when a particularly bad infestation occurs, victims find that, not only won't their shoes stay on or their shirts stay buttoned, but their zippers jam shut. But we won't talk about why. Ewwwwwww.


Posted By: carpathian Re: The link - 06/20/05 11:55 AM
The link: http://home.mn.rr.com/wwftd/

Thanks, Rainmaker.

To make a link active, use square brackets around "url" at beginning and "/url" at end. Thus:


If we newcomers continue to share this sort of esoterica with one another, before long we'll be able to compete in these games on the same footing as the old-timers.

Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu Re: The link - 06/20/05 12:16 PM
> we newcomers

yeah, right.

one can always read the FAQ:


Posted By: AnnaStrophic Re: The link - 06/20/05 12:54 PM
Of likely interest to the real newcomers, I'd like to point out that maverick posted the link to tsuwm's collection after Sparteye admitted forgetting to do so, in this very thread, more than a month ago, on May 11:


Posted By: musick If you think it's butter... - 06/20/05 04:03 PM
If we newcomers continue to share this sort of esoterica with one another, before long we'll be able to compete in these games on the same footing as the old-timers.

It's not nice to fool mother/father nature (aka. rainmaker).



A voussoir is shape shifter whose attacks are experienced most often in large cities. It searches the surface of tall buildings for loose stucco, terra-cotta or other tile pieces and times their fall onto unsuspecting passer-by's. When it can't find any loose building materials it will often take the form of a pigeon and hone its skills at poop-bombing.


Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu Re: park it... - 06/20/05 05:03 PM

Posted By: carpathian Re: The link - 06/20/05 05:17 PM
Of likely interest to the real newcomers

Dear ASp:

I consider myself a 'newcomer' because when I am not being shunned by Carp, I am being insulted by Carp.

I am not complaining, mind you. On the contrary, I bear this distinction with pride, as a badge of honor.

But there are practical consequences. For instance, I must look to newcomers for polite assistance or find the information for myself.

However, I do appreciate learning that Maverick thought enough about newcomers to post a link which would enable newcomers to join the game.

Too often the Carp have a Carpal-centric view of the universe.

In my opinion, which is obviously heretical in this company, it would be far healthier, and far more representative of the real world, to have a 5:1 ratio of newcomers to Carp, than the present flat-earth ratio of 5:1 in favor of Carp.
Posted By: musick Digression is a well paved road - 06/20/05 05:23 PM
I new I'd git it from sum1 but me didn't tink it wood be yew, eta. It wuz eether dat or "passers-by" witch just dozen't sound wright two me.

EDIT : ...or find the information for myself. Which, in this case, would require actually reading/participating with the thread at hand. I'll be sure to post the intended directions to/of this thread more often in the future.
Posted By: carpathian Re: Digression is a well paved road - 06/20/05 05:37 PM
I'll be sure to post the intended directions to/of this thread more often in the future.

That would certainly be considerate, musick. Thank you.

Posted By: Rainmaker Re: Digression is a well paved road - 06/20/05 08:43 PM
Now can we get back to the game?!?


Posted By: musick Re: Digression is a well paved road - 06/20/05 08:46 PM
The game is newly afoot...

Posted By: arosebyanyname I counted to ten and quit - 06/20/05 09:53 PM

For all the new people that have come to this board, I would like you to know that one person is all (and probably more I've forgotten) of the board names listed below. He delights in fomenting discord and talking to himself. He has been doing this since 2002, so as you can see, if he were to add all his posts under his various (sockpuppet) names, he is actually a CarpalTunnel (whatever that really means). Many people have left the board because of his antics and I think that is a real shame. We, and by that I mean many people that aren't CarpalTunnels, used to have a good time coming here to talk about and play with words.


For an example of this person's need to talk to himself, please see this thread:
Posted By: carpathian Re: I counted to ten and quit - 06/21/05 01:41 PM
We, and by that I mean many people that aren't CarpalTunnels, used to have a good time coming here to talk about and play with words.

Dear "We":

Interesting that you chose to become a "Newbie" to spread your Carpalosities - a trademark Carpal subterfuge which beguiles innocent newcomers ... but never for long. :)

Posted By: arosebyanyname Re: I counted to ten and quit - 06/21/05 02:56 PM
subterfuge which beguiles innocent newcomers ... but never for long. :)

Yes, but then, you know all about that, don't you? Just because I choose not to post does not automatically mean that I don't simply lurk here like many members do. You assume too much, sir. But then, a sure sign of a paranoid, psychotic or not, is to assume that everyone else sees, feels and understands things the same as they. Why do you persist in behavior that is not acceptable to the rest of the people that come here? You might want to consult a psychiatrist if you can't answer that question on your own.

Posted By: arosebyanyname Please resume the Monster game - 06/21/05 03:06 PM
I have really enjoyed following this game, so could those that wish to play the game get on with it? musick has continued it in the worthless monster thread.

Posted By: carpathian Re: I counted to ten and quit - 06/21/05 03:30 PM
Dear "arosebyanyname":

You are no rose by any name.

Your hysteria speaks louder than your disguise.

re "a sure sign of a paranoid, psychotic or not, is to assume that everyone else sees, feels and understands things the same as they"

A very revealing self-portrait.

Posted By: arosebyanyname Re: I counted to ten and quit - 06/21/05 04:13 PM
Ah, but there is where you and I differ. Many have posted objecting to your methods of contributing to the board. No one, unless you count your sock puppets, has defended your position. I can safely say that I am not assuming anything whereas you can only assume that others see, feel and understand things as you do. I would suggest that you reflect more deeply before calling me an hysteric. That comment tends to underline your paranoia in the eyes of the other readers.

Posted By: carpathian hystericarpics - 06/21/05 06:08 PM
I would suggest that you reflect more deeply before calling me an hysteric

Dear Not Arose:

I would have to reflect less deeply, rather than more deeply, to understand your insecurities, assuming I had the inclination -- which I don't.

So you'll have to hypergurgitate on your own hysterics.

The last time you went hystericarpal, people of all stripes, including fellow Carpals offscreen, begged you to stop, week after week, month after month, to no avail.

You have made your own bed of roses, Not Arose. :)

Posted By: arosebyanyname Sometimes a rose is just a rose - 06/21/05 11:35 PM
I don't know who you think I am, but I went back and reviewed all my previous posts. I saw nothing denoting an hysterical personality. One post was in answer to a post that was edited without notation after the fact to make me look like I was the bad guy (a common practice among trolls, I'm told). Most of them consisted of resurrecting old threads with this message "¤". I was making several points by doing this:

1. There was a time when people actually came here to talk about and play with words. No one tried to be "King of the Board". There were no trolls. Differences of opinion were treated in a civilized manner.
2. Several times rules were suggested. The only rule here is the golden rule. Some people just don't get it.
3. People come and go on this board. Some leave because they don't enjoy it. Some leave due to personal or professional constraints. Some leave because they don't like reading posts by trolls. There is nothing anyone can do to prevent anyone from leaving. C'est la vie. What can be done is to identify trolls and hope newcomers don't leave because of them.
4. Some people have been around this board for a very long time. They still love it and want the good times back.

This will be my last post. I am tired down to my soul of coming here to refresh myself and finding you here making a hash of interesting posts, carping about the Carpaltunnel Conspiracy and bloviating endlessly. Knowing what an Omegatist you are, I fully expect you to have the last word in this thread, as you have in so many other fun threads you couldn't allow to live.