Posted By: Rapunzel Crossword clues - 02/09/05 12:55 PM
I was working on a crossword puzzle last night and was intrigued by its theme. The puzzle-maker used single letters as clues, with the answers in the form of phrases. For example:

Clue: R
Answer: Bitter end

Clue: L
Answer: Ladies first

Clue: E
Answer: Eye opener

and so on. I thought we might have some fun coming up with our own crossword clues. Here are some I thought of last night:

Clue: C
Answer: Can opener

Clue: N
Answer: Season finale

Clue: A
Answer: First of all

Anyone else?

Posted By: plutarch Re: Crossword clues - 02/09/05 02:06 PM
I'm having trouble figuring this out, Rapunzel. ["So, what's new?", says themilum.]

It looks like a fun game but I get "death" which doesn't start with "R"* for "bitter end", and I get "chivalry" which doesn't start with "L" for "Ladies first". And I can't think of any "Eye Opener" which begins with "E" unless it's "Electra".

So it makes it hard for me to connect "Can Opener" with "C" if it isn't "can", and even harder to connect "N" with "season finale" if it isn't "swan song".

On the other hand, "A" for "first of all" is as easy as "A, B, C".

* Hmmm. Maybe the "R" for "bitter end" stands for "Return" as in tax return. Death and taxes are the only things in life which are certain, and both of them come with a deadline.

Posted By: themilum Re: Crossword clues - 02/09/05 02:26 PM
Of course, Plutarch, I figured out the mechanics of the crossword at a glance, but I bow to good manners and will let Rapunzel do the explaining.

Posted By: AnnaStrophic Re: Crossword clues - 02/09/05 02:40 PM
Clue: T
Answer: East ender

Clue: N
Answer: New beginning

Clue: R
Answer: Closing pitcher

Posted By: maverick Re: does this help, Plutarch? - 02/09/05 03:00 PM
First lay
Forearm ;)
Initially wet
Opening yacht
Leading edge
End of the pier

Posted By: plutarch Re: does this help, Plutarch? - 02/09/05 03:26 PM
Now I understand "L" for "Ladies First", maverick. And I think I got "E" right, after all.*

Very clever explanation, I must say, but it's still over my head. ["What did I tell you!", says themilum.]

* http://come.to/carmen_electra

Hey, Rapunzel. I see you manage a Christian Book store. I guess you're letting your hair down after work, huh?
[Meanwhile, I'm tearing my hair out with your puns, Rapunzel.]

Posted By: plutarch Re: Crossword miscues - 02/09/05 03:42 PM
re "bow to good manners" from themilum

You "bow to good manners", themilum, like a ship bows to the waves. :)

Posted By: TEd Remington Evil! Plain evil! - 02/09/05 06:43 PM
I'm trying to get some work done here and then you post this. Argh. Have you no shame? Guess not.

E Middlesex
S Last of the Mohicans
N Mid morning
Y Happy Ending
A End of an Era
T Eastend (or Westend)
E Beginning of the End
C First Contact
P Leader of the Pack
S Head of State
C Compass Heading
H Midlothian

Down clues:

M Top of the Morning
L Bottom of the Barrel
P Bottom of the Heap
M Bikini Bottom
S Topsail
D Top dog
W Top of the World
A Bottom of the Sea

Back to across clues:

Y The first of the year
E The end of time
P Penultimate Paragraph (I really like this one!)
B Bikini Top
S Last Tango in Paris
S Tale of Two Cities

Then there are some other, similar clues though not of one letter:

SUM Endless Summer
SH Southside

Down clue

PI Bottomless pit
ARS Topless bars

Posted By: wofahulicodoc Crossword monoclues - 02/09/05 07:03 PM
end of an erA

first Born

opening Day

stronG finish

Second CIty



close calL
second pLace

opening Night

first Quarter

fourth quaRter

Ya wanna start Something?
close quarterS

Posted By: AnnaStrophic Great, TEd!! - 02/09/05 07:03 PM
But you chopped my liver on East End.

Edit: Yours are inspired too, wofa! (we had some simultaneous posting going on there...)
Posted By: Bridget Re: Crossword clues - 02/10/05 09:20 PM
The trouble with arriving late in the thread is I have to keep cross-checking what anyone else may have written already. Apologies for any duplication!

end of the world
second in line
first footing
Beethoven's Fifth
Last Post
final balance
end result
last orders
antepenultimate breath
(thanks for making me think of this, TEd, it comes from a song with wonderful lyrics: http://www.creekcats.com/pnprice/Madeira.html
bottom feeder
early bird
leading lady
journey's end
Central Station
Third Reich
The Fifth Element
last supper
cobbler's last

startling (yes, I know, it's awful, but real crossword compilers do that sort of thing! Let me have it, please!!!)

and last but not least...
(note that all the words end in 't' - ah, serendipity!!)

...'Twelfth Night' just about scrapes in as it has a subtitle, but what would the answer be to 'seventh heaven' or 'cloud nine'?

Posted By: tsuwm Re: Crossword clues - 02/10/05 09:45 PM
this is all quite a lark, and not too taxing, but.

given a puzzle replete with this type of clue, and given a blank grid to start with, here is an example clue:

1 R (nine letters)

<thought balloon>
hmmm.. well it could be "bitter end".. or it could be "first rate".. I'll just try one of those and see if it fits with 1 Down..

-joe (clueless on) friday

edit: more of a challenge for the cruciverbalist would be coming up with workable short phrases.
Posted By: Bridget Re: Crossword clues - 02/10/05 10:28 PM
Yes, I'm with tsuwm on this and was planning to post.

Rapunzel, were there some 'normal' cryptic clues to get you going, or were they all single letters?

Also, it may be old hat to all you crossword fans out there, but this thread called to mind the 5x5 grid with no blacked out squares.

Across clues:
1. Hit
6. Judy's partner
7. Makes holes
8. Funny magazine
9. Drink

Down clues:
1. Vegetables
2. Sheep
3. Chickens
4. Oceans
5. Often dropped

Posted By: AnnaStrophic Re: Crossword clues - 02/10/05 11:09 PM
...the 5x5 grid with no blacked out squares.

That's great, Bridget! I'd never seen that one before (oh, it's also great seeing you here again!).

Posted By: wofahulicodoc Re: Crossword clues - 02/11/05 12:35 AM
Applause !!!

( But I think it may be time to resurrect my "Answers to Puzzles" thread again, for the general welfare...)

[It's here
if anyone wants help]
Posted By: tsuwm re: letters as clues for answers - 02/11/05 03:49 AM
of course, this would all be a bit simpler(?) if the single letters were merely to be used to reveal the actual clues themselves.

-ron o.

Posted By: Rapunzel Re: Crossword clues - 02/11/05 09:42 PM
Rapunzel, were there some 'normal' cryptic clues to get you going, or were they all single letters?

It was just a normal, newspaper-type crossword, with 6 or 8 "theme" clues in the form of single letters. I actually had no idea what the answers to the theme clues would look like until I filled in enough letters in the first one to figure out what the author was getting at.

P.S. TEd, your "topless bars" clue made me laugh out loud.

Posted By: belMarduk Re: Crossword clues - 02/14/05 01:11 AM
I REALLY don't understand how you'd get those answers.

Why do you automatically thing "bitter end" with the clue being R. It is evident that an R is at the end of bitter, but why would that pop into your head. R is used in a slew of words in a slew of ways. ??Rueful start??

Posted By: tsuwm Re: Crossword clues - 02/14/05 01:31 AM
if bitter end is the correct answer (nine letters) then
??Rueful start?? wouldn't fit the bill.

but your point is good and was made more obliquely above; not to cast any mantling aspersions.

Posted By: wofahulicodoc R (nine letters) - 02/14/05 02:56 AM

You're right, none of the answers will jump out at you - too many possibilities A (at first). But once there are a few crossing hints the choices are narrowed, and the intended one becomes less obscure.
Posted By: belMarduk Re: R (nine letters) - 02/17/05 02:22 AM
Ah. So this type of clue would only be one of many different type in the crossword. I see. I love crosswords, but I'd probably groan a little when I got that type of clue and saw the answer.

Posted By: AnnaStrophic Re: D (three letters) - 05/01/05 12:00 AM
Here's a good one in a recent NYT weekday crossword:

D minus 50%

Posted By: wofahulicodoc Re: D (three letters) - 05/01/05 11:40 PM
D minus 50%

As there are three letters in the answer, "CCL" works...

Posted By: Elizabeth Creith Re: Crossword clues - 05/02/05 01:25 PM
Also, it may be old hat to all you crossword fans out there, but this thread called to mind the 5x5 grid with no blacked out squares.

This was great! I'd never seen this form before!

Posted By: Alex Williams Re: Crossword clues - 05/02/05 06:43 PM
"Bottomless pit" for pi is especially good considering that pi is an irrational number with a non-repeating decimal.