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Posted By: AnnaStrophic SULLEN BARGING - 07/19/04 06:16 PM
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness

Posted By: studiovoltaireus Re: SULLEN BARGING - 07/19/04 09:15 PM
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Faldage's better half

-->synthphamous quotation: "Odds on yet soft e'en the Moore's the half than Alf-an'-Alf's Horatio, mmm, aaarrr!?" [NB: —from little known MS "I found" near the Brooklyn Bridge's northernmost tetherstrewn-millings, and signed in the quarto prontoplate (up): 'Fond Regards to Liz Falstaff, We'll always have that first Globe night, Bill S.' --on oversign of shellscriptover for [New] LCCN: I - Hamlet Wasn't Really Dead But Next Doth Goethe to Sea d'Azure Cote (Let Gwyneth Paltrow Play Mystery Flashback Little Ophelia), A Tragedy "mmmMM..."]

ECHO VI? LOU MOUSY. CEO, OH! IV SLUM YOU! OUCH! YE SOIL OVUM! www.9penguinnight9.net

Posted By: Faldage Re: SULLEN BARGING - 07/19/04 11:32 PM

Posted By: studiovoltaireus Re: SULLEN BARGING - 07/20/04 03:39 PM
Excuse me, mea culpa [<--THAT's wroted in Latin and it secretly means 'I am the carrot'] Mea culpa, I thought this forum was for adult avatars. I am the carrot.
http://9penguinnight9.net/Invision/index.php?s=d73dd65b7e259366f8741f399a4fefb9&act=ST&f=2&t=4&st=0#entry8 <-- I FORBID you to click on this MachismoMachiavellianTriCups! So when your better half came onto me so stridently, I thought, well... sure there's grown folks here, past hazing and iggying and two word posts to raise their scores for some kinna awe - full - some cachet [<--THAT's a FraauUNnsaaay word, it means 'I like claret'. But no wine in here I can tell you; and... also you are ... oh, I'm so not supposed to _______ !

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Posted By: studiovoltaireus Re: SULLEN BARGING - 07/20/04 03:45 PM
I also would like to challenge you to a riting kontest. You pick the category and we'll hold ours, elves, up to the entire 3rd grade 4M here for inspection as to per v. vis. re., because of the fact that, hoo gets to be King of All The Black Castle Witches Goulish Forum! OK!!?? Now, this is where all the partisan m_onions come mincing in with their $00.02 chance to make Alice B. Toklas points.

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Posted By: Faldage Re: SULLEN BARGING - 07/21/04 02:21 AM
I am the carrot

Gu gu ga joob

Posted By: tsuwm BARGING in MIDSTREAM - 07/21/04 02:41 AM
 Joan was quizzical 
studied pataphysical
science in the home...

Posted By: jheem Re: [>>==::--<< ...] - 07/21/04 01:30 PM

Ecco l'è maqqos! illo mushika.
c'est, O? chaturyi get O tu?
Vey? Vos foecal boudgie?

Grain eggs wurggle spots town a-prey.
Nyusty vaggit whinkle spartacul Peshti.
Lorry in twaddage, explendice na fro.
swx sympa tryny ... &c.

Veil camera burt, Stubenloss Navlatier, Ukkaukka.

GEICO: "you bring good news"
---------------SEED IS ABOVE--------------------
Washington, DC: BED GIG? NOUNS ROY... -- OW!

futures markets spec. position tip: BIRD EGG, UNO? OWN SOY!

from Clockwork Orange cutting room in response to
fungible line fr. Rebel W/out a C[l]ause "...so
whataya wanna do...": "DRIB NEWSY, GOGO, UNO?!!"

world news tonight with Michael Savage: BIDS GORGE ON UN YOW

the final word: I BOND OWE GUNS ORGY

how not to ask for Roy's gun: DIBS WEN GUN GOO ROY

and a final freak fungible from New Yorker cartoon man in Chinese restaurant, plate in front of him, looking at waiter with wry cynicism: YOU CALL -THIS- MOO GOO GAI PAN?

[I know, but...]

RESPOND!! you can't that is why.... J'accuse!!!
'Qui, I? ...am [not] Genet'...rather, a quidnunc trepidacious of fungible epicaricacious [schadenfreude? MyFavSesquiPedWord! J'accuse!!!!] pareidolia, that's it Castanza-esque baby! No, Elaine, you! Words words words! Say - who are 'y'all' people anyway?; this works for me *blush*. I, OK, I've BONDed with you... you JAMESians!
I love 'y'all' "man"! Yes: YOU! : The Lost Worder Warriors of Studiovoltaire-grihlaah!! Ahhh... you - bring - good - news... car insurance from Geico!
Chancellor Apparent / Voltaire University

'I am [not] Genet' ..piff: merely a quidnunc trepidacious of fungible epicaricacious pareidolia.

If I had not spelled the SUPERCOMMIXSWITCHFUNGE Shagri~* the way I did: you simples// simply would not have gOTTen it, yiw kniw? I was HELPING YOU! if that's still OK in CorpWebWeriKafkaNuts k, sorry -nets! You know that old saying, folk wisdom, "UNO BIRD... CLUMP!" ---- AAAHhhh!!

INSANE FOOLS!! Why have you not done movie lines: Maltese Falcon and RAISED the money to reshoot them -- or subtitle them visual, kinna...

I smell Money here people -- K, I've made a decision, since I'm sort of a little bit new here, I'VE READ EVERY BURROUGHS TO_E 200000 times, OK!!>>>??? I've cut them up 800000000 times Ian? OK?? so --- that is why I'm cutting 'yall' in on the money funny movie deal... FIRST FILM TO ANAGRAM-E-TAKE is The Hustler -- for the 6 yr olds (that's OK, get a lawyer though, Jackie Koonan[? sry] Law) The HUSTLER had Jackie Gleason and Paul Newman in it -- LINE *Fast Eddie to MN Fats [tight-tough pool smoke room]* =::SEED::> 'YOU OWE ME MONEY!!-@+!' becomes in the mouth of over-writ Newman *same exact scene otherwise, ya?*:

alt.: " ME!!?!!? MENU OWE? -- YOYO! "

Posted By: jheem Re: the minuet - 07/21/04 09:52 PM

"Quorum primus est, quod sicut materia specie non diversificatur in diversis individuis, nisi secundum quod conjungitur principiis individuantibus; ita forma intellecta hominis non diversificatur apud me et te, nisi secundum quod conjungitur diversis formis imaginabilibus; et ideo quando intellectus separat formam intellectam a formis imaginationis, remanet quidditas intellecta, quae est una et eadem apud diversos intelligentes; et hujusmodi est quidditas substantiae separatae." Thomas Rhotae.

"hej tatta gôrem eschige zunbada wulubu ssubudu uluw ssubudu tumba ba-umf kusagauma." Yugo 18 balletw.

Demgegenüber und handkehrum und das I-Tüpfelchen.

Posted By: AnnaStrophic Guys, get a room! - 07/21/04 10:47 PM
[insert emoticon here]

Posted By: jheem Re: room and bord - 07/21/04 11:06 PM
[insert emoticon here]

What? Where? I'm chastened.

Posted By: musick A chased buck doesn't stop - 07/21/04 11:10 PM
When we start seeing "+69%" in an equation...

Posted By: AnnaStrophic For wha?] You, SILLY POET - 07/29/04 05:49 PM
"Take a Sunday drive
to a local dairy farm.
Watch the cows watch you."


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