Posted By: musick You're welcome. - 04/17/04 08:20 PM
Well, being a renegade is/was the best of%

This has happened before and I had a chance to delete it... too late now... make it your home.
Posted By: consuelo Re: You're welcome. - 04/18/04 12:04 AM
Your post went renegade on ya, moose

Posted By: Jackie Re: You're welcome. - 04/19/04 01:01 AM
What has happened before, please?

Posted By: musick If you please... - 04/19/04 08:33 PM
This post was created by the gremlins that live in my computer... and of course he old saying applies; garbage in = garbage out.

Posted By: AnnaStrophic Get a Mac, musick - 04/19/04 11:07 PM

Posted By: Jackie Re: If you please... - 04/20/04 02:02 AM
Nah, I think it's an internet gremlin that must be after you, musick.

Posted By: Alex Williams Re: If you please... - 04/20/04 10:17 AM
My administration denies any wrongdoing in the creation of this post. Top people are looking into this.

Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu Re: If you please... - 04/20/04 03:53 PM
Top people


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