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Posted By: Jackie

Anagram Poetry - 11/20/02 02:18 AM

The Winter Poetry thread led me to discoveries such as these:
I Will Alarm Islamic Owls
by William Carlos Williams
Skinny Domicile
by Emily Dickinson
, and
by T.S. Eliot

The actual poems and more can be found at:

Let's see: if our beloved founder were to try this, he could write one called GAGA RUN.
Using my maiden name, I could write GRAD JAZZ ICKIER. Hmm...
Honey that is stickier
could make grad jass ickier...

Yep--think I'll keep the day job.

Posted By: RhubarbCommando

Re: Anagram Poetry - 11/20/02 01:34 PM

"Sir, a peek will ashame" - part of the first line of sonnet LXXXXIX

"Man wilt thaw" (especially for WO'N)

and, of course,

Alec Rill Rows the Ace Roll Swirl
Posted By: RhubarbCommando

Re: Anagram Poetry - 11/20/02 01:46 PM

and for Fiberbabe, the famous ode, "On Dag's Hen"

Posted By: milum

Re: Anagram Poetry - 11/21/02 10:08 PM

Thanks Jackie for posting this subject. Because of it I have made a discovery that will save us all a lot of time, namely...

An anagram of the poet's name and the title of the poem will give you a critique of the work.

For example I didn't like T.S.Eliot's poem Toliets, but I didn't know why. Now through the anagramical insight that is innate in literature I know that T.S.Eliot's Toliets, while amusing, is little more than elitist's tootles.

As well, the anagramic critic says that Poe's The Bells is a hopeless blet, this is disappointing because before I read the review I thought it fine. And I must agree that Poe's The Raven makes too much use of phonate verse and this is substantiated by the anagramic Edgar Poe's The Raven which opines that parts of it was written with what it terms teenaged oversharp.

But Edgar Poe's lost opus Ego Raped is said by anagramicans to have a hard grey convoluted storyline that hides brilliant and wondrous crystals for the reader who can find his way in. They call this poem " A proper aged geode" and it is one they highly recommend.

Now please excuse me, for now I must blet and tootle somewhere else...

Posted By: dodyskin

Re: Anagram Poetry - 11/23/02 02:18 PM

;) legal crystal charm

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