Posted By: Alex Williams you'll be ROTFL - 02/20/02 08:39 PM
The folks at The Onion have a brief, funny send-up of online shorthand. I thought the AWAD crowd might like it. Check it out at



TTFN ta-ta for now

Posted By: Alex Williams Re: you'll be ROTFL - 02/20/02 11:51 PM
Okay, so its a little naughty, but it IS wordplay and fun. [Gutter Police drag Alex away and he is sentenced to 40 hours of the Macarena.]

Posted By: Sparteye Re: you'll be ROTFL - 02/21/02 03:51 AM
Thanks, Alex. My favorite was 18/F/NYC

Posted By: Max Quordlepleen . - 02/21/02 04:04 AM
Posted By: consuelo Did anyone see...... - 02/21/02 04:30 AM
"Trouble Every Day", off to the right. It offers a synopsis of this movie, a Cannes entry, by clicking on the graphics. There are several options, trailer, clips, press kit, play dates, etc. The synopsis can be found by clicking on "press kit". Read first before viewing trailer and clips. It sounds intriguing, to say the least.
It gives added meaning to CILYIMBF.
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