Posted By: A C Bowden 3 letters max - 06/24/19 01:39 AM
Here is a new game.

Write a sentence of at least 12 words in which no word has more than 3 letters. It need not bear any relation to the sentence in the previous post, but it may do so if you wish. However, try to re-use as few words as possible from the immediately preceding post. There is no upper limit to the number of words in the sentence.

Here is the first sentence:

The red sun in the sky set, and so put an end to a hot day at sea.
Posted By: wofahulicodoc Re: 3 letters max - 06/30/19 12:26 PM
Ter is too few, too tuf, not fun; four has more base to work with, but even so not that many more and not enuf to make a lot to send.

In other words, I suspect it’s too limiting to be a viable game. Even allowing four-letter-words..
Posted By: A C Bowden Re: 3 letters max - 06/30/19 02:08 PM
OK then. Can you delete the thread, please.
Posted By: A C Bowden Re: 3 letters max - 07/03/19 04:55 AM
But now, let me say: My new jeu may tax our wit, but we can do it if we try.

One day in May, as I sat in my car, I saw a red fox on an old oil can, but it saw me too and ran off as I got to it. But Bob ran on, got it, fed it, and let it go.

Posted By: A C Bowden Re: 3 letters max - 07/12/19 12:53 PM
It was a bad day at the zoo. A yak ate a cat, a gnu bit an elk, and an old man hit a boy who had one toe in the ear of a hog. I had my eye on a big guy who got mad at his son, who had put a hot dog in his hat for fun. Oh God, did he see red! In the rat hut, I had to fix a nut on a rod. At the end of the day, I got a cab, had a cup of tea, and hit the hay.
Posted By: LukeJavan8 Re: 3 letters max - 07/12/19 05:22 PM
You are much better than I. I've tried a couple times and will continue. Keep it up, one day I may make it.
Posted By: A C Bowden Re: 3 letters max - 08/11/19 12:52 AM
Here is one using words of no more than 2 letters:

If I am in Oz, I go "Do it up!" as Al or Ed go by, or "No!" if it is up to me to do it.
Posted By: A C Bowden Re: 3 letters max - 10/28/19 02:37 AM
I met an old man by the sea
And got him a big cup of tea.
I put ice in the pot
As the tea was so hot.
One day he may do it for me.
Posted By: A C Bowden Gastronomic advice - 12/22/19 01:20 PM
You may eat a lot on the big day, but do not go too far, or you may get ill. God Jul!*

*"Merry Christmas" in Scandinavian languages.
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