Posted By: Jackie Water, water... - 11/15/12 06:16 AM
I have joined Facebook, but much most of it is still a mystery to me. I have become Friends with George Takei, and I don't know how that happened. But he posts a lot of funny things, and this I saw today:

Two men walk into a bar, the first orders some H20. The 2nd. one says 'Sounds good, I'll have some H20 too.

The second man died.
Posted By: Candy Re: Water, water... - 11/15/12 10:16 AM
I'm still resisting invitations to join facebook.

Good joke Jackie laugh

H2O2=Hydrogen peroxide.. it would have had a good head on it.
Posted By: Faldage Re: Water, water... - 11/15/12 12:49 PM
Some of us can help you along on the Facebook journey. AnnaS and I have found it to be a treasure trove of new friends, many of whom we have met IRL.
Posted By: Jackie Re: Water, water... - 11/30/12 04:33 AM
Thank you, F. As of now I am trying to navigate it on my new notebook, so I'll need to try and learn more about how the machine works first.
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