Posted By: themilum Greek Mythology in Rhyme: Extracated - 02/17/08 09:17 PM

Then wiping beads of sweat away and making good his getaway,
He reached the isle of Naxos, and the princess came along.
He lost no time in bedding her, but then, instead of wedding her,
He sailed away, forgetting her, which I regard as wrong.


Posted By: BranShea Re: Greek Mythology in Rhyme: Extracated - 02/17/08 10:50 PM
Highly hilariously honored Mr. Lucius Cornelius Titwillow!

All the work that has been published
in obscurity now finally
see a name added to it.
I've got the whole collection of your bedazzling Poetry.

In awe,
Lady Evelyn Rillsbrook.
Posted By: themilum Re: Greek Mythology in Rhyme: Extracated - 02/18/08 02:42 AM
Ack! Ack ack! I am not the word-nerd named Atticus.

Atticus Thorpe is an entrepreneur
With a product that's wholly unique.
A prolific inventor of phrases and words,
He peddles a thousand a week!
His terms have a snappy, professional ring,
And they're easy to use,
for they don't mean a thing!

He taught us to say that we're "on the same page"
Or wearing our "marketing hat."
"Pushing the envelope" won him renown.
(He made half a million on that!)
He's knocked off his share of executive socks
With thinking that's totally

He's "raised up the high bar" with "leading edge" words.
His "competencies" are superb.
"Leverage" was only a lackluster noun
Till Atticus made it a verb!
He's written for generals, senators, dems,
And he nurses ambitions of writing for teens.

Posted By: BranShea Re: Greek Mythology in Rhyme: Extracated - 02/18/08 03:22 PM
Aie! Atticus!

A tradesman mistaken for a Počte
Is worse than the wife one mistook for a hat.

I have checked out the tricky
naming device,
free for all poets-to-be:
All girl-names that begin with a C
Will come out as a fakish Ladee

So I'm not a Lady and
will leave it at that,
And with Atticus well,
Can he peddle the thread?For so much as what I can see
they all are gone off to Paree.
Figuring out in great unity
if it's ouais
or just

(I'm gratefull for all the new words that I will use in my slick professional networking tactics. )
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