Posted By: Alex Williams Dariole - 07/03/07 12:21 AM
old french and old norse, a fine dancing horse
incisions, and bulges arboreal
boxed gabled roofs, the thunder of hoofs
injuries and defects corporeal

salads and tarts, ah thí culinary arts!
and a flower to set on the table
methinks I should swoon were I Rocky Raccoon
(Iíll be better as soon as Iím able)

vote early and often ere we sleep in our coffins
carpe diem and all of that rot
be ye bolder or shier, honest or liar
speak up and letís see what ya got

(a) a traditional horse race in Iran since the reign of the Darius Kings in ancient Persia

(b) one of the moves taught to Lippizan stallions

(c) a tart plate landaise with prunes; made world-famous by French chef Nicole Gauduchou

(d) [OF darÔole] a cylindrical dessert mold used in French cookery

(e) n. [ON. daruhl] protruding ring formed on a tree where a limb is severed

(f) an Irish dance step similar to the slip jig, but of a slower tempo

(g) the return of a boxed eave in a gabled roof

(h) the center section of the large outer flower of a yellow composite, comprising the small inner flowers

(i) small incision in burlap for attaching a grommet

(j) congenital prolapsed uterus

(k) a protuberance above the coccyx due to excessive abdominal exercise

(l) a small Indian tree which yields a soft wood valued for carving

(m) the specialized hinge at the elbow on French medieval armor, named after its chief proponent, the Viscount Da Riolť, the noted swordsman and raconteur who formed the basis for the fictional character Harolde Le Sale.
Posted By: BranShea Dariole - 07/03/07 09:45 AM
This fool rushes out, but here's the reward for the good hogmasters. Hog's wild cousin.
Greek, 6th century B.C. Lucania.
Silver coin. (sorry , the gold went over my budget)

O.K. just the link then:
Hog's cousin

Posted By: wofahulicodoc Fools rush in - 07/03/07 10:12 PM
I'll take E, having been lured by the analogy to "petiole."

(And it wasn't an E-Z choice, E-ither, I'll have you know.)
Posted By: Zed Re: Fools rush in - 07/03/07 11:44 PM
Nicely done Alex!
Posted By: musick Re: Dariole - 07/04/07 09:06 PM
Posted By: themilum Re: Dariole - 07/05/07 12:09 PM
I vote P for Alex's great poem which proves that he can be creative as well as rude.
Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu Re: Dariole - 07/05/07 01:07 PM
I like E.
Posted By: TEd Remington Re: Dariole - 07/05/07 02:24 PM
I'll B
Posted By: Jackie Re: Dariole - 07/05/07 03:54 PM
I haven't a clue, so I'll say C because I don't know what landaise means.
Posted By: Alex Williams Re: Dariole - 07/05/07 04:58 PM
Originally Posted By: themilum
I vote P for Alex's great poem which proves that he can be creative as well as rude.

Posted By: tsuwm Re: Dariole - 07/05/07 05:13 PM
I get a taste of French cuisine here, which leaves me with c) or d) -- and since J. chose c) I'll give d a try.
Posted By: Owlbow Re: Dariole - 07/05/07 05:29 PM

Thanks Alex
& a fine verse too
Posted By: Faldage Re: Dariole - 07/05/07 07:39 PM
I'd almost go for M just because of its preliminary fanfare which seemed like a little reverse baiting, but since it's probably reverse rebaiting I'll let it pass.n I can't go with I, dariole just doesn't sound very burlappy. Gee, I guess ...
Posted By: Aramis Re: Dariole - 07/05/07 08:04 PM
Not even one M taker?

Sometimes one must simply say, "What the H".
Posted By: olly Re: Dariole - 07/05/07 09:25 PM
M for me! Just because.
Posted By: AnnaStrophic Re: Dariole - 07/05/07 09:39 PM
Alex, half the fun of your Hogwashes are your clever intros! Bravo!

D sounds right. I like the [OF]. Though the [ON] is tempting. And M of course, is hilarious. Thanx for the laffs.

Are the opinionators going to vote? BranShea, Zed?
Posted By: tsuwm Re: Dariole - 07/05/07 09:42 PM
Originally Posted By: Faldage
I'd almost go for M just because of its preliminary fanfare which seemed like a little reverse baiting, but since it's probably reverse rebaiting I'll let it pass.

well, M involved a front end collusion, didn't it?!
Posted By: BranShea Re: Dariole - 07/06/07 09:09 AM
If I still can..., yes!

For Dirty Harry!

Must be a cooked up story, but it's such a funny one.( Viscount Da Riolť )
------------------------- M
Posted By: belMarduk Re: Dariole - 07/08/07 01:57 AM
Throwing a dart at this one, I vote G.
Posted By: themilum Re: Dariole - 07/09/07 11:15 AM
I say boldly B .

It is of course one of the coursing moves made by the famous Lippizan stallions.
Posted By: Alex Williams first call - 07/09/07 05:52 PM
We're approaching the end of the voting period and, while I haven't sat down to tally everything yet, it seems like there are many potential voters who have not yet chosen one from among the many very plausible and authentic-sounding definitions available. So please cast your vote ASAP. The bar will remain open until 2:00 AM but the kitchen closes at 11:00. Billiard balls must be returned by 1:30.

EDIT: The owner of the pub has informed me that in honor of the 4th of July holiday we will be staying open late until the kegs run dry. Also, I'd like everyone to welcome Sergeant Neil Howie of the West Highlands Constabulary who is visiting us. Someone buy 'im a drink and we'll all sing a rousing rendition of "The Landlord's Daghter."
Posted By: AnnaStrophic Last call? - 07/11/07 03:48 PM
Looks like the kegs are on their last drip!
Posted By: Alex Williams Re: Last call? - 07/11/07 04:07 PM
Yes but I strongly suspect that one of the TEds is sharing a hip flask with the other patrons out on the back patio.
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