Posted By: marylynncorder One question - 03/26/03 04:59 PM
What does quenemo mean? Is it spanish? Is it idiomatic for something?...Thank you for your help.

Posted By: wwh Re: One question - 03/26/03 05:51 PM
Dear marylynncorder: Let me say immediately that to me it means that you are more welcome "than anybody". Now I'll have fun searching for it.

Posted By: wwh Re: One question - 03/26/03 05:59 PM
nemo solus satis sapit: No man is sufficiently wise of himself.

Undoubtedly true in Quenemo, Kansas.

Posted By: marylynncorder Re: One question - 03/26/03 06:29 PM
Dr. Bill, thank you so much for your hearty welcome back. I really appreciate it. Thank you also for looking for the meaning of quenemo. It makes sense to me now. You are great. I also noted the 10k post milestone. Congratulations.

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