On McGyver and its synonyms

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On McGyver and its synonyms - 05/02/19 08:36 AM

In the 'Etymology' section of the word 'MacGyver', you have written, 'Some related terms, though not synonyms, are kludge and jury-rig'. I can understand why 'jury-rig' isn't a synonym, but why not ' kludge'? Because an 'inelegant, improvised solution' (kludge) can also be an 'ingenious solution using whatever is available at hand' (MacGyver).
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On McGyver and its synonyms - 05/02/19 08:55 PM

McGyver's solutions were supposed to be clever and ingenious and "who'd'a thought you could do that when there's nothing to work with" - i.e., a Good Thing. Kludge, on the other hand, suggests to me an inferior product, barely functioning, held together with Scotch tape and chewing gum, often for the purpose of saving money - i.e. a Bad Thing. It invokes a feeling of cheap (sometimes unavoidable) rather than inexpensive. Admiration for originality is strictly situation-dependent.

That said - I think Anu's daily definitions have to be compressed in the interest of brevity, and can sound oversimplified; I'm sure he is more nuanced when he actually uses the words than he can be in the AWAD entry.

As an aside - I'm speaking only for myself as a member of this forum and have no official connection with Wordsmith, and I'm not even sure how often Anu looks over our entries and comments here. The Daily Word also has a space at the bottom for comments, if you don't mind a more public place for your inquiry, There's also an "official" private email address of, I believe, "words at wordsmith.org" with the @-symbol replacing the " at " (the usual email format).

And let me add my welcome to Luke's above!
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Do you think Anu should have a shorter and a longer version of the daily definitions?
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I'd welcome more, I like to chew on wisdom of words, where they come from, how to use them.
"I'd like some more please" as Oliver said.
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