Posted By: X09 rain words - 01/12/16 03:26 PM
Petrichor is the word for the smell of rain that falls on the hot earth and is one of life's most wonderful. Many states that get regular rain probably don't get this but in Arizona it is literally life itself. But sometimes in the morning when you walk outside you can smell rain in the clouds that has not fallen yet and here in the desert it has a slightly sweet smell. So my question is if anyone knows what the word for this unfallen rain is.
For my money I think the three best smells in the world are fresh bread baking and these two rain smells. Thanks, Michael
Posted By: LukeJavan8 Re: rain words - 01/12/16 04:02 PM
This Nebraska responding, and we get that smell here often.
Occurring after any dry spell it is very refreshing.
But this is not desert and the other smell you speak of
is not, to my knowledge, one we experience. Perhaps further
discussion will help identify what you are smelling.
Petrichor is a favorite of mine as well.

Posted By: X09 Re: rain words - 01/14/16 03:53 PM
Thanks Luke. I'll wait and see if anyone else comes up this something, M.
Posted By: tsuwm Re: rain words - 02/10/16 08:38 PM
on yet another somewhat related note:

the worthless word for the day wss: virga

[L : branch, rod, streak in the sky suggesting rain]
wisps of precipitation that evaporate before
reaching the ground

"Virga. That's what it was called. Alce told me that
once. Came home from school one day and told me.
Rain that falls and never hits the ground."
- Peter Heller, The Painter (2014)
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