Posted By: Storymom Is there a word for this? - 11/21/14 03:53 AM
I feel like there is one...just can't get my tongue around it.

Is there a word for being impressed with something but at the same time feeling pained/finding it a pain in the butt by that same thing?
I was feeling this in line at Disneyland thinking how ingenious was their queuing system (did not see how freaking long it was until you were so committed, you couldn't walk out after being there for 20 minutes already). I wanted to congratulate the person who engineered that, but at the same time, wanted to punch him/her in the face.
I couldn't think of that word.
A friend said "conflicted". I don't think 'conflicted' quite captured it. I truly was very impressed with how they did it.
In all my years of going to amusement parks, I think Disney has been the only ones who do it this well. Too well. smirk
Posted By: tsuwm Re: Is there a word for this? - 11/24/14 09:37 PM
it does sound to me as though you were conflicted; but maybe you were just feeling ambivalent.
Posted By: wsieber Re: Is there a word for this? - 11/26/14 06:51 PM
paradoxical admiration ?
Posted By: Cowboy_Monkey Re: Is there a word for this? - 04/19/15 03:50 AM
You suffer from the Bamboozle-Conundrum-Trichotomy. A pain inflicted by businesses with deep pockets. Commonly referred to as Conboozomy in the legal world.

Better call Saul before you hurt someone. Not saying it can't be done, just much tougher to sue and win if you beat Micky Mouse up, and then claim self-defense during temporary insanity.
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