Posted By: Jackie nomophobia - 02/17/12 02:09 AM
Anybody here know what this is? (Hint: just saw it on iGoogle.)
Posted By: tsuwm Re: nomophobia - 02/17/12 02:48 AM
wiki does
Posted By: HalAl Re: nomophobia - 02/17/12 05:10 PM
I would think it would be a fear of Greek laws: νόμος It could also be a fear of nomograms, which are charts showing quick and dirty approximations
of variables. I think an old fashioned slide rule is an example, IIRC. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nomogram
Posted By: Faldage Re: nomophobia - 02/17/12 11:28 PM
I'd say it's just a generalized fear that you ain't gonna get no mo' nothin'.
Posted By: zmjezhd Re: nomophobia - 02/18/12 01:48 AM
Harrumph. I would have guessed that nomophobia was the fear of rules.
Posted By: Jackie Re: nomophobia - 02/18/12 03:57 AM
Oh my gosh--I can't believe I got you, zmjezhd! I wasn't trying to, honest!
Posted By: zmjezhd Re: nomophobia - 02/18/12 02:01 PM
Now it's my turn to be confused.
Posted By: kwalijkje Re: nomophobia - 02/20/12 09:58 AM
Amazing. I am a total nomophobe.
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