My 8 year old child has been asking a lot of questions about where words came from. Does anyone have recommendations for an etymology book that is appropriate for elementary school children?
There are few books about etymology that are appropriate for adults let alone 8 year-olds. You might want to get a good unabridged dictionary (e.g., Webster's 3rd, American-Heritage) and point out the etymologies for almost all entries.

There is a Ten-Minute History of English available on YouTube (link), but it might be more appropriate for teens.

I'll take a look at my linguistics library and see if I can find something ... you might think about getting a book geared to adults and reading it out loud to your child and trying to answer all his questions.
I just searched Amazon and found quite a list that may be interesting. Does anyone know if any of these books are good?

Amazon Etymology for Kids
A few years back I had read this book by Linda Goodman, "Star Signs". She has allocated a number of pages on the topic "Lexigramming". It was quite an eye opener for me.
The other idea is to use www.dictionary.com- they have given details about the words. I guess the second choice I mentioned is easier to grasp for anyone.
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I guess you could try www.dictionary.com.
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