Name for my online bling store

Posted By: RunningwScissors

Name for my online bling store - 11/20/13 02:25 PM

Hi everyone my name is Kareline mommy of 4, currently an at home mom looking to start an online bling (swarovski crystals) store. Imagine blinged out binkies, baby wipes cases, shoes, piggy banks anything baby I can bling, I will. Eventually I want to include clothes, an all around boutique. I've got some names but haven't had my aha moment yet. Looking for some name ideas and/or feedback on what I have so far.

Bling me miss
Dazzlechic (chique)
Sassy Sparkle
Sparkle bebe
The Bling Nest
Chatter Baux
Baby Bling n Things
The Bling Shop
The Bling Patch

Look forward to all of your suggestions
Posted By: Tromboniator

Re: Name for my online bling store - 11/21/13 12:49 AM

Apologies for going off-topic, but the idea of bringing small bits of cut glass, some of which may have a metallic coating applied, into close proximity to a baby's mouth startles and appalls me. Do these things not represent a choking hazard, if not a potential poison? At least one vendor of these crystals says that none of their products is intended for use by anyone under age 14. I would appreciate some insight into how you might handle these issues.

Posted By: LukeJavan8

Re: Name for my online bling store - 11/21/13 06:39 PM

Peter: excellent questions.
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