Posted By: tsuwm Weekly Themes - 02/12/05 06:04 PM
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it seems that no one ever comes to this forum, because it's hidden or something. well that's just great! I can take it over for myself and... and...

Posted By: Wordwind Re: Weekly Themes - 02/12/05 06:07 PM
It's not hidden and you're being ironic, tsuwm, and you'd said you hadn't understood irony. But you were being ironic again.

Posted By: Jackie Re: Weekly Themes - 02/14/05 02:39 AM
I can take it over for myself and... and...
Stop, stop! (Puff, puff...) Yer killin' me!

Posted By: AnnaStrophic Re: Weekly Themes - 02/15/05 01:10 PM
and... and...

reply to yourself over and over?

Posted By: Krzysztof Easter - 03/27/05 01:09 PM
I wish you and your family a very happy Easter!

Posted By: themilum Re: Easter - 03/27/05 01:53 PM
And a Happy Easter to you and yours, as well, Krysztofof.

How are things in your fine Country this fine Easter Day?

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Posted By: Krzysztof Re: Easter - 03/27/05 02:22 PM
We are having a very nice time. The weather is great.It is beautiful here in Warsaw.

Posted By: musick Re: Weekly Themes - 03/27/05 05:15 PM
I think Frahnzie may half been righty. English speaking Americans haven't got irony... much.


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