Posted By: TheFallibleFiend Self-contradicting words - 04/16/04 12:21 PM

Like "sanction."

I get it for "simon-pure" and "excrescence," and almost for chuff.

Simon-pure can convey genuineness or hypcrasy.
Excrescence can convey normal or abnormal outgrowth.
Chuff can be anus or vagina - back OR front, perhaps?

Thanks for the run-down on chuff, Bill. For some reason I didn't get chuff in my email. (Or maybe I deleted it by accident - but I musta deleted several of them.) It seems like it might be used in the way that one uses "piece of ass" to mean more than just a woman's posterior. It sounds vulgar, but the blurb says it's a euphemism. (I suppose euphemisms can be vulgar, but less vulgar than the words they are euphemizing.)

All these are new to me, but I'm very fond of this word "escrescence." It reminds me of what I once said to someone having "excreted pearls of distilled stupidity" onto the net. I'm going to practice this one and make it part of my normal vocabulary.


Posted By: Faldage Re: Self-contradicting chuff - 04/16/04 12:35 PM
Umm, Fal old buddy, I don't think those were the contradefintions Anu had in his AWAD entry.


It's this Monday's entry.

Posted By: Jackie Re: Self-contradicting words - 04/16/04 01:22 PM
"excreted pearls of distilled stupidity"

Faldage, he got his version from Dr. Bill's Britslang dictionary quote.

FF, chuffed is primarily used (in England, as far as I know) to mean either pleased or angry. I have only known people to use it to mean pleased, but Anu says it can mean angry, also.

Posted By: Faldage Re: Self-contradicting words - 04/16/04 01:33 PM
I know he got them from Dr Bill. I was just, ever so gently, trying to set him straight.

Posted By: TheFallibleFiend Re: Self-contradicting chuff - 04/16/04 03:56 PM

I don't think those were the contradefintions Anu had in his AWAD entry.

Okay, I missed that. Anu's definitions make the self-contradiction angle more salient.

And the other words, too, "sententious" and "endsville." I don't recall getting "endsville" but I'm sure I saw sententious...I've been busy and agitated (chuffed) these days and just mass deleted a bunch-o-crap. Musta got a few innocent bystanders in the scattershot. boogers.

I'm gonna commit "sententious" too. This is a very useful word. I can compliment someone in a questionable way. "Thanks for that sententious bit of
excrescence. It's endsville - a superlative insight!"

(Careful, I'm gonna hurt myself.)


Posted By: wwh Re: Self-contradicting chuff - 04/16/04 09:03 PM
Dear FF: sorry to have crossed you up. I posted that because
Capfka sounded as though he thought I were misinformed.

Posted By: TheFallibleFiend Re: Self-contradicting chuff - 04/17/04 02:21 PM

Not at all, Bill. It's good stuff. Keep it comin'.


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