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Periwinkle - 09/17/15 10:39 AM


Mollusks but also an evergeen creeping blue flowering plant: Periwinkle ( genus,vinca)

evergreen plant, c. 1500, diminutive of parvink (12c.), from Old English perwince, from Late Latin pervinca "periwinkle" (4c.), from Latin, perhaps from pervincire "to entwine, bind," from per- "thoroughly" (see per) + vincire "to bind, fetter"


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a two-edged sword - 09/17/15 11:31 AM

Some of the species are poisonous. Several anti-cancer drugs come from Vinca plants, with ominous-sounding names like "vincristine" and "vinblastin" (and a passel of nasty side-effects).
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Re: a two-edged sword - 09/17/15 11:56 AM

I promise not to eat any of them and hope to stay free from cancer.
They are lovely but persistent and threaten to overgrow half your garden. A powerful species indeed.
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Re: a two-edged sword - 09/20/15 09:34 AM

But thank you for the information and good health to you, Mr. Wofa.
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