Posted By: Faldage PCV Valve - 12/13/10 12:49 PM
Offered in this week's AWADMail.

PCV Valve


PCV expands to Positive Crankcase Ventilation. PCV Valve is not a pleonasm.
Posted By: zmjezhd Re: PCV Valve - 12/13/10 03:12 PM

Interesting etymology for that word. In Middle English, valve had two meanings: (1) leaf of a (folding) door and (2) vagina, vulva (link). The origin is Latin where it means 'folding door' or 'leaves' thereof. The Latin words valva and volva go back to the PIE root *wel- 'to turn, wind, roll'.
Posted By: tsuwm Re: PCV Valve - 12/13/10 08:50 PM
then there is the Pollution Control Valve (PCV), which is what most people probly (erroneously?) think of.
Posted By: bexter Re: PCV Valve - 12/13/10 09:31 PM
I never heard the Pollution Control Valve thing...is it the same as the Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve? As you can probably see, I'm not very good at the whole engineering thing smirk )
Posted By: Faldage Re: PCV Valve - 12/14/10 12:20 PM
I see by Acronym finder that there is also a Pollution Control Valve and a Product Control Valve, so I guess I'm outvoted.
Posted By: LukeJavan8 Re: PCV Valve - 12/14/10 04:17 PM
Thanks for that site.
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