Posted By: JodyCT words about words - 04/30/07 10:48 AM
Around here (mountains of NC) people refer to "license" as plural as in: (question) Do you have your driver's license? (ans) Let me find them.

I think I have also heard that sort of wording for "scissors" although at least scissors is a pair and not one thing.

What do you call that word usage?
Posted By: themilum Re: words about words - 05/01/07 01:09 PM
"What do you call that word usage?"

In Alabama we call it correct.

Pronounced li-senz the ear hears that it is plural by contstruction and so we obey the rule of plural usage. We obey all laws here in Alabama so we have a lot of licenseses.
Posted By: Curuinor Re: words about words - 05/01/07 01:58 PM
li·cence (lī'səns )

Looks correct to me. As a damned yankee/foreigner/surfing bum, I must acquiesce the universal nature of the pronunciation.
Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu Re: words about words - 05/01/07 02:11 PM
> Let me find them

I think this was the point. how many drivers licenses does one need?
Posted By: Zed Re: words about words - 05/01/07 08:17 PM
depends how many cars you drive at one time.
Posted By: olly Re: words about words - 05/01/07 08:44 PM
I'd understand License being plural if the singular was licen. According to the OED it stems from latin Licentia freedom, liberty.....world peace, hahaha. It is also one of the funnily spelt words Licence, or License for the verb.
Posted By: of troy Re: words about words - 05/02/07 03:06 AM
its like peas..
it used to be pease, (singular)
but sounded like a plural, so now we have pea, and peas

sounds plural, so it gets treated as plural.
Posted By: Nanu Nanu Re: words about words - 06/08/07 02:21 AM
Yous all have good answers.

-- And I never accepted "yous"/"youse" as good English till I made some good friends from Pennsylvania. They all use this as the plural form for "you". It gave me hope that English could be saved and converted into a rational language. But the phonology is still hopeless. --

So youse all should have license!
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