Posted By: wwh acromegaly - 11/12/02 09:59 PM
In early days of TV, there was a wrestler that got paid mostly for being extremely
grotesque as result of acromegaly. I can't remember his name, and can't find it on
Internet, though I found names of successors with same disease. Hell of a way to
make a living. Of course if the bouts were not phony, he'd have been killed.

P.S. The acromegalic wrestler was called The Angel.
5Fr acromegalie: see ACRO3 & MEGALO36a disease in which there is enlargement of the bones of the head, hands, and feet, resulting from an overproduction of growth hormone that is caused, usually, by a tumor in the pituitary
ac#ro[me[gal4ic 73m! gal4ik8

Posted By: Fiberbabe Re: acromegaly - 11/13/02 04:07 PM
There ya go, Dr. Bill. Maurice Tillet.


Posted By: wwh Re: acromegaly - 11/13/02 04:40 PM
Thanks, Fiberbabe. Since he did a good deed, I won't call Oakeley an "ath hole".

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