Posted By: wwh abient - 11/10/02 10:15 PM
Spelling bee word again.
Medical Dictionary


Tendency to avoid or move away from the stimulus.

Posted By: wofahulicodoc Re: abient - 11/11/02 01:31 AM
Not to be confused with "ambient," in the immediate vicinity ("within one's ambit").

Is there "adient" also, meaning tending to move toward the stimulus?

Just think of the Anagrams possibilities:
--adient + s + r = strained
--adient + o + i = ideation
--adient + e + l = entailed
--adient + g + r + h = threading

Posted By: wwh Re: abient - 11/11/02 01:59 AM
I thought "abient" was a stage direction, similar to "exeunt".

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