Posted By: wwh today's x-bonus - 03/29/02 02:10 PM
"a pea in the ear" "iatric mystique" "ear wig" Years ago quacks kept a defunct earwig in vest poocket, to be produced to impress neurotics when allegedly removed from ear canal.

Posted By: Wordwind Re: iatric mystique - 04/15/02 12:10 PM
You can't really use "iatric" as a word, can you, Bill?


Posted By: wwh Re: iatric mystique - 04/15/02 02:50 PM

"iatric" is in my dictionary.

Posted By: Wordwind Re: iatric mystique - 04/15/02 03:27 PM
Well, iatric isn't in my AHD as a word, per se, and I just looked it up in MW Collegiate online, and iatric is only listed as a suffix. Another medical reference online did show iatric as a word unto itself referring to anything medicinal or having to do with the medical profession in general.

I expect it's a rare as heck word--but maybe one of the terms of art for your profession.

Posted By: wwh Re: iatric mystique - 04/15/02 04:52 PM
From my Webster's New World CD, a marvelous ten bucks worth that I have running minimized all the time.

5Gr iatrikos < iatros, physician < iasthai, to cure, heal6 of medicine or medical doctors; medical or medicinal Also iatrical

Posted By: TEd Remington Re: iatric mystique - 05/06/02 08:17 PM

I'm a compulsive crossword puzzle solver. I don't know what the phenomenon is, but filler words seem to be in vogue for a while, then disappear from the puzzlemakers' lexicons. Currently "iatric" with a definition "of or relating to medicine" is much in vogue.

I wonder what causes this phenomenon. And someone I know is a former puzzlemaker. I must track him down and ask.

TEd (who makes hay while the sun shines)

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