Kangaroo Words

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Kangaroo Words - 04/23/05 04:28 PM

From Dr. Bill, this link to Richard Lederer's page on words containing their own synonyms. The letters can be separated, but must be in order.


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Re: Kangaroo Words - 04/23/05 07:11 PM

This seems a little stretched:
[quote]I have also spotted two kangaroos that carry a joey and its antonym:
*encourage transports urge and enrage

Enrage as an antonym of urge?

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Re: Kangaroo Words - 06/02/14 11:57 AM

I have just been looking at this old thread. There are a surprising number of other "kangaroo words". Here is another containing both a synonym and an antonym:

fabrication fiction [synonym]
fabrication fact [antonym]

Other kangaroo words I have come up with:

ungainly ugly
cornet cone
gigantic giant
traitor rat
indolent idle
stellar star
discourteous curt
median mean
regulate rule
education Eton
routine rote
enthusiast nut
eliminate mate (in chess)
Wordsmith wit, worth

absorbing boring [antonym]
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Re: Kangaroo Words - 06/14/14 01:24 AM

perambulate - ramble, amble
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Re: Kangaroo Words - 06/14/14 01:34 AM

Kangaroo Words is a great link for reference
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Full Circle - 06/15/14 12:08 AM

Isn'i that the very link that began this thread?
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Re: Full Circle - 06/15/14 09:56 AM

Just emphasizing it's a great reference.
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