Posted By: wwh barmecide - 02/06/04 07:32 PM
Date: Fri Jun 20 10:26:58 EDT 1997
Subject: A.Word.A.Day--barmecide
bar.me.cide n. Arabian Nights' Tales'', pretended to set before the hungry Shacabac food, on which the latter pretended to feast.] One who proffers some illusory advantage or benefit. Also used as an adj.: Barmecidal.

"A Barmecide feast." -Dickens

Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu Re: barmecide - 02/06/04 09:01 PM
what's the stuff they soak the combs in at the barber's?

Posted By: Faldage Re: barmecide - 02/06/04 09:08 PM

Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu Re: don't brush me off... - 02/06/04 09:14 PM
ah yes. is that like death to all barbers?

Posted By: wwh Re: barmecide - 02/06/04 10:28 PM
I had a patient who could not shave with a blade because of
a dermatology problem. With a spatula he applied some paste
with a hydrogen sulfide odor, barium sulfide,I think, and then after half an hour when the hairs had become almost goo, used same spatula to get the gunk off. It was a barbecide with a skull and crossbones label.

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Posted By: dxb Re: barmecide - 02/09/04 10:10 AM
Barbicide - déjà vu?


Posted By: doc_comfort Re: barmecide - 10/11/05 05:20 AM
What the English cricket supporters have got coming...
Posted By: sjmaxq Re: barmecide - 10/11/05 05:41 AM

What the English cricket supporters have got coming...

What's that? Glory tuned to ashes in your mouth? Oh, sorry, that's right, they're not yours anymore. Pity ole motormouth McGrath was too weaselly to fulfill his promise to take a boat home looking like W.G. if the Aussies didn't win 5-0.
Posted By: Cowboy_Monkey Re: barmecide - 04/16/15 10:26 PM
Barbie committed suicide? No way! I don't believe it! She had everything a girl could possible want, and more, looks, the perfect figure, cars and houses. She even had all of Ken's stuff after the divor...Wait a second...You thinking what I'm thinking...
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