Posted By: Wordwind Greek Gods: Fun Quiz - 02/09/05 02:21 PM
Test your knowledge of Greek gods on this pictorial quiz. Only one of the images was somewhat blurred on my screen, but the other fourteen were clear to quite clear. This is a timed quiz that begins as soon as the page comes up. Great fun!


Posted By: Wordwind Re: Greek Gods: Fun Quiz - 02/09/05 10:49 PM
Replying to myself:

Did anybody try this quiz?

I'm going to link it on my schoolnotes.com page and let my kids try to beat each other's times for fun in the computer lab:

An Olympics for the fingers and brain.

Posted By: Sparteye Re: Greek Gods: Fun Quiz - 02/11/05 01:52 AM
Sorry, ww. Since I'm on dialup, I tend to avoid image-heavy links. Maybe you can describe the pictures to me.

Posted By: Wordwind Re: Greek Gods: Fun Quiz - 02/11/05 01:58 AM
I'm on dialup, too, but haven't had any problem with that site's loading.


Well, a nekkid lady with fruit in her hand, and a partyly nekkid lady with a peacock behind her, and a nekkid man with wings on his hat, and a nekkid man with a trident and a dolphin underneath him...

plus eleven others who are also mostly nekkid people, either painted, printed or sculpted.

Posted By: Faldage Re: Greek Gods: Fun Quiz - 02/11/05 10:42 AM
You gone show pitchers a nekkid people to your kids? You gone git in big trouble, lady.

Posted By: consuelo Re: Greek Gods: Fun Quiz - 02/11/05 11:13 AM
That was fun, WW. I just wish they didn't take off for spelling. My score would have been much better! As it was, I got 70% and had 7:46 remaining

Posted By: Wordwind Re: Art and Nekkidness - 02/11/05 04:56 PM
Hey, Faldage. That's what an education is all about!

Consuelo: With my kids in the lab, I'll set up the challenge to take the quiz till a perfect score is reached--and then try to get the highest time (which is actually the best time). I've gotten my own up to 12:37 (actually 2 minutes and 23 seconds to test) at 100% correct responses after only three tries, odd spellings included. I agree with you about the spellings, but, shoot, it's pretty easy to convert to, say, Dionysos over Dionysus after that first try.

Probably won't try this with my kids for a few more weeks because we have a lot going on right now...but it will be a fun celebratory lesson one day after their state writing exams are behind them on March 9th.

Posted By: Buffalo Shrdlu Re: Art and Nekkidness - 02/11/05 05:40 PM
I don't know $&*# about this stuff.

Posted By: tsuwm Did anybody try this quiz? - 02/11/05 06:23 PM

-joe (I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin') friday

Posted By: Sparteye Nekkid? Why didn't you say so! - 02/12/05 07:42 PM
I'm all for nekkid, in a theoretical, idealized way. The gods and goddesses had a nice immunity to gravity.

But WW, you weren't nearly lascivious enough in your descriptions. At least one of those goddess' bosoms had to be heaving ...

Posted By: Wordwind Re: Nekkid? Why didn't you say so! - 02/13/05 12:12 PM
If I used the word lascivious with my kids, they'd learn it instantly.

If anybody has the time or inclination to search a few interactive exercises on Homer, the Odyssey, or the ancient Greeks that look like fun, please do post here. I do search for them to use in our computer lab times, but there are too many such exercises that are pretty boring.

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