Posted By: Wordwind Neptune and Triton - 04/20/02 08:33 PM
Triton was Neptune's son. Does anyone know who any of his other children were? I was very amused thinking about the upbringing of Triton--asking his dad to please make a new storm so the sea would be filled with a lot of exciting (to a god's son) activity (see Bean's ocean list). Wrote a song to be sung by a young Triton, in fact, called, "I Love It When My Daddy Makes Storms."

But are there other notable, familiar names of Neptune's children?

Thanks to you classical scholars,

Posted By: Bingley Re: Neptune and Triton - 04/21/02 11:13 AM
Polyphemus, the Cyclops, was Poseidon's son.

Posted By: Wordwind Re: Neptune and Triton - 04/21/02 11:39 AM
Thanks, Bingley!

Did the Romans have a One-Eyed Son of a Neptune?

Posted By: alexis Re: Neptune and Triton - 05/01/02 05:38 AM
Remember Medusa? - had a head full of snakes... well, she was only like that because virginal Athene caught her and Poseidon being naughty in her temple... so she cursed Medusa. Then, when dashing hero (ooh, I forget his name, was it Perseus?) cuts her head off, out springs Pegasus and a couple of other 'monsters'... who are all Poseidon's children, according to Greek ideas of conception.


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