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interpellate - 04/07/04 02:31 PM

Date: Mon Oct 2 00:22:26 EDT 1995
Subject: A.Word.A.Day--interpellate

in.ter.pel.late vt -lat.ed ; -lat.ing [L interpellatus, pp. of interpellare
to interrupt, fr. inter- + -pellare (fr. pellere to drive)--more at felt]
(1874): to question (as a foreign minister) formally concerning an official
action or policy or personal conduct -- in.ter.pel.la.tion n --
in.ter.pel.la.tor n

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Re: interpellate - 12/05/07 12:36 PM

This word is distractingly similar to "interpolate", which means basically to infer information about something from information and trends observed in nearby regions. (As in, today it was ten degrees, the day before yesterday it was twenty degrees, so yesterday it was probably about fifteen degrees.)
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Re: interpellate - 12/19/07 08:40 PM

Mind you the interpellating is probably because of someone interpolating.
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Re: interpellate - 06/15/14 12:15 PM

Funny how this almost is the same definition for the International Criminal Police Organization, or INTERPOL.
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Re: interpellate - 06/15/14 03:06 PM

You certainly are resurrecting old threads. Here's to you!
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Weird Word - 06/15/14 09:50 PM



a person who talks at great length without making much sense.
foolish talk; nonsense.

"politicians get away all the time with obscurantist blatherskite"
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