Posted By: Dennis_Lees Celtic language - 08/09/14 05:48 PM
I've been reading a lot about the Celts recently and understand their language(s) are the basis for some of the languages in the British Isles, among others. I understand that they emigrated to Europe from Asia. Is there a relationship between the Indo-European language that Anu Garg refers to and the Celtic languages? Then, what is the relationship of Gaelic to Celtic?
Posted By: tsuwm Re: Celtic language - 08/10/14 08:39 PM
according to this tree, Scots and Irish Gaelic stem from Celtic, which is one of the IE languages.
Posted By: FoFong Re: Celtic language - 08/12/14 10:03 AM
Ya wouldn't possibly have a tree that a person might could read, I don't spose.

Nemmine. I see. Click on the little landscape icon in the albumated version of the pic.
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