Table of Commands Accepted by the Wordserver

All commands must be sent to the wordserver address wsmith@wordsmith.org. Commands must be in the subject line of email. Message body is ignored.

Service To do this Send this Command Example
A.Word.A.Day join subscribe your name subscribe joe smith
sign off unsubscribe unsubscribe
get archives archive mmyy archive 0898
get FAQ info A.Word.A.Day info A.Word.A.Day
get AWADmail awadmail nn awadmail 11
Dictionary/by/Mail get definition define myword define computer
get FAQ info Dictionary/by/Mail info Dictionary/by/Mail
Thesaurus/by/Mail get synonyms synonym myword synonym love
get FAQ info Thesaurus/by/Mail info Thesaurus/by/Mail
Acronym/by/Mail get acronym expansion acronym myacronym acronym IBM
get FAQ info Acronym/by/Mail info Acronym/by/Mail
add acronym addacronym ACRONYM expansion addacronym IOU I Owe You
Anagram/by/Mail get anagrams anagram myword anagram santa claus
get FAQ info Anagram/by/Mail info Anagram/by/Mail

A.Word.A.Day and Anagram services are also available on the web:


Internet Anagram Server:

Email: (webmaster AT wordsmith.org)