So what does Anu mean?

This is a question I get asked quite often. Many people wonder if my name Anu Garg is an anagram of something. It is not (though "Name is Anu Garg" does anagrammatize to "Anagram Genius"). Anu is a real name. It's short for "Anurag" meaning "love". Also, Anu is a word from Sanskrit, the classical literary language of India. In Sanskrit Anu has many meanings including atom and molecule, and as a prefix it denotes after, together, similar, every, each, etc.

Numerous people have written to tell me that Anu is a popular name in many other countries too. Here is a list of countries/languages where you may find this name and some other fun facts about it:

If you know of any other meaning of the word Anu in some language email me at (garg @

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