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25 Years of Wordsmith.org
Write an original pangram that describes an event that happened during the last 25 years. It could be on an event in politics, arts, business, science, technology, etc. Here are some topic ideas, but you are not limited to these.

First prize: The winner's choice of
  A tour of the Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford, UK) + lunch with an editor (includes travel and lodging) or
  A tour of Merriam-Webster (Springfield, Massachusetts, US) + lunch with an editor (includes travel and lodging)
Other prizes: Merriam-Webster totebag with Collegiate Dictionary, a copy of the book Limericks in the Time of Trump, a copy of the word game One Up!, and more.

Martha Barnette Martha Barnette, author, co-host, A Way with Words   Gretchen McCulloch Gretchen McCulloch, author, co-host, Lingthusiasm   Jesse Sheidlower Jesse Sheidlower, lexicographer, past president of the American Dialect Society, former editor of the Oxford English Dictionary

Entries must be original. Judges' decision is final. Enter as many times as you like. Last date to enter is March 31.

The contest is now closed. Check out the contest results.