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subdolous (SUB-duh-luhs) adjective

Sly; crafty; cunning.

[From Latin subdolus, from sub- (slightly) + dolus (deceit).]

"A little attention to the subdolous artifices of those pretended patriots would soon have discovered those darlings, those revered guides of theirs, to have been their most pestilent enemies, wolves in sheep's clothing."
Bernard Bailyn; The Origins of American Politics; Vintage Books; 1970.

"'You haven't reported.'
'I reported all you said you wanted.'
'That's subdolous.'
Rex Stout; The Final Deduction; Bantam Books; 1981.

This week's theme: words to describe people.


Our admiration of fine writing will always be in proportion to its real difficulty and its apparent ease. -Charles Caleb Colton, author and clergyman (1780-1832)

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