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pseudepigrapha (soo-di-PIG-ruh-fuh) plural noun

1. Spurious writings, especially writings falsely attributed to biblical characters or times.

2. A body of texts written between 200 B.C. and A.D. 200 and spuriously ascribed to various prophets and kings of Hebrew Scriptures.

[Greek, from neuter pl. of pseudepigraphos, falsely ascribed : pseudes, false. pseudo- + epigraphein, to inscribe : epi-, epi- + graphein, to write.]

"What is interesting, however, is that, despite his ignorance of things biblical, Mr. Redfield has unwittingly placed himself in a long tradition of pseudepigrapha -- that is, of post-biblical writings, many indeed composed in Aramaic, that have been spuriously attributed by their authors to various biblical characters and periods." Philologos, On Language, Forward, 12 Aug 1994.

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