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Phoebus (FEE-buhs) noun

1. Apollo, in his role as the sun god.

2. The sun personified.

[From Latin Phoebus, from Greek phoibos (bright).]

"Below and beyond this panorama of sunbaked buildings and cliffs, the glassy, indigo wilderness of the Aegean Sea shimmers under the rays of Phoebus' fiery chariot." Michael Kenyon; Greek, But Islands Apart; The Los Angeles Times; Aug 1, 1999.

"At Phoebus' first flourishing all human life emerges from its state of hibernatory decorum. Windows are thrown open, sleeves rolled up and mushroom-white skin exposed to the air." Sap Rising; The Times (London, UK); Apr 17, 2003.

This week's theme: Words related to the solar system.


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