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mogul (MO-guhl) noun, also moghul or mughal

A powerful or influential person; magnate.

[After Mogul, one of the dynasty of Mongol conquerors whose rule in India spanned from 1526 to 1857.]

"By now, you may think you know everything there is to know about Santa Claus. However, what you don't know could fill his bottomless bag of toys. Hardly any of the popular tales about Jolly Old St. Nick have been updated since the 1940's. The world has changed considerably since then, and so has Santa. Thanks largely to some disenchanted elves whose contractual nondisclosure agreements recently expired, we now have firsthand accounts of what it is like to work for the world's most reclusive toy mogul." Kevin Doughten, What Your Parents Never Told You, The New York Times, Dec 24, 2001.

This week's theme: eponyms.


Let proportion be found not only in numbers and measures, but also in sounds, weights, times, and positions, and whatever force there is. -Leonardo Da Vinci, painter, engineer, musician, and scientist (1452-1519)

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