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misopedia also misopaedia (mis-oh-PEE-dee-uh, mi-soh-) noun

Hatred of children, especially one's own.

[Greek miso-, hate + ped-, child + -ia.]

"Then again, the subject of the meeting - to ensure that America's 15 million young people have access to resources `that can help them lead healthy, fulfilling and productive lives' - might not appeal to Fields, who was infamous for his parboiled misopedia (as in, `Children should neither be seen nor heard from - ever again.')." Volunteering: Do it for your own sake, too, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 16 Apr 1997.

Ever seen a book with an `empty' page at the end of a chapter with the text: This page intentionally left blank? Well, in the same vein, this week's AWAD theme is intentionally left blank. Instead, I've selected a bunch of whimsical, intriguing, odd, dysfunctional, and fanciful words and brought them together for a week. Who knows what may transpire among them. What are some words that tickle your fancy? Share and discuss your favorites at AWADtalk, the online forum for linguaphiles.
-Anu Garg


He that would be a leader must be a bridge. -Welsh proverb

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