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imprest (IM-prest) noun

An advance of money, especially one made to carry out some business for a government.

Also, archaic past tense and past participle of impress.

[From obsolete imprest (to lend), from Italian imprestare.]

"Golden's office spent far more, writing $75,842 in imprest fund checks."
Kevin McCoy, For Beeps, the Gravy Still Flows, Newsday (New York), Aug 5, 1991.

"But soon Reflection's power imprest
A stiller sadness on my breast;
And sickly hope with waning eye
Was well content to droop and die:
I yielded to the stern decree,
Yet heaved a languid Sigh for thee!"
The Sigh, Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834).

This week's theme: words that appear misspelling of everyday words.


The zoo is a prison for animals who have been sentenced without trial and I feel guilty because I do nothing about it. I wanted to see an oyster-catcher, so I was no better than the people who caged the oyster-catcher for me to see. -Russell Hoban, author (1925- )

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