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congeneric (kon-juh-NER-ik) adjective, also congenerous

1. Belonging to the same genus.

2. Of the same kind or similar in nature.


A company offering closely related services.

[From Latin, con- together + gener- race.]

"Some taxonomists have considered Elephas and Mammuthus to be quite close, even congeneric; thus, an Asian elephant living today in Thailand is more closely related to the extinct mammoths of North America than to its African cousin." Paul Martin and David Burney, Bring Back the Elephants, Whole Earth, Spring 2000.

"`Merely putting together a financial services congeneric with all the constituent parts does not guarantee success,' Mr. Cleghorn said in a speech." Jeffrey Kutler, First Union Chief's Assertions Rile Skeptics on Benefits of Size Series, American Banker (New York), Dec 10, 1997.

This week's theme: words ending in eric.


Oftentimes excusing of a fault / Doth make the fault the worse by th' excuse. -William Shakespeare, playwright and poet (1564-1616)

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