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armigerous (ahr-MIJ-ehr-us) adjective

Bearing or entitled to bear heraldic arms.

[From Latin armi-, arms + -ger bearing + ous.]

"It all points to Shakespeare's concept of Hotspur as a feudal type, whose identity comprises a few qualities that are in no way negotiable. For Hotspur, the function of the armigerous classes is to bear arms in battle." Getting a hook on Hotspur, The New Straits Times, Apr 14, 1999.

"I'd like to buy a vowel." Most of us in the `civilized' world are familiar with this oft-heard sentence in a popular TV game show. For those who are not, it is a Hangman-like game where contestants identify words in several categories by guessing their letters. Correctly guessing a consonant helps in winning a prize, while one has to pay to guess a vowel. Imagine playing this game and getting words having all five vowels? That wouldn't be very exciting where you have to squander all your cash in buying the vowels. To make it more tolerable, we've selected this week words that have all the vowels once, but only once.


Judge not the horse by his saddle. -Chinese Proverb

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