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anopsia (an-OP-see-uh) noun, also anopsy or anopia

Absence of sight, due to a missing eye or other structural problem.

[From Greek an- (not) + -opia (pertaining to sight).]

"Odd then that with the proliferation of discourses surrounding the concept of `the postcolonial,' so little attention should have been paid to a text which in its preoccupation with the contradictions, the complexities, and the complicities of colonization anticipates in so many respects what we have come to call the postcolonial novel. There are, I think, three particular difficulties which may help account for that critical anopsia." Michael Mays, Finnegans Wake, Colonial Nonsense, and Postcolonial History, College Literature (West Chester, Pennsylvania), Fall 1998.

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Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. Being true to anyone else or anything else is ... impossible. -Richard Bach, writer (1936- )

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