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Works based on AWAD

The following works feature words from AWAD. If you would like to add an item here, write to (words AT wordsmith.org).

  • Sylvia:
    A soap opera based on A.Word.A.Day words
    An erudite serial account of how Sylvia and her husband, douglas, (both fictitious characters) survive the suburbs of Southern California (an almost fictitious locale). Many of their neighbors know about doug's so-called 'bomb shelter' beneath the douglas' garage, but little do they know how extensive and elaborate the tunnels really are. The story is about Sylvia and how it feels to live with an obsessed tunneler, atop his tunnels.
    To subscribe, email 2dellis@cox.net with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

  • Partners-In-Rhyme:
    Two doctors and their associates come up with limericks from A.Word.A.Day words. To subscribe, email partners.in.rhyme@verizon.net with the command subscribe Partners-In-Rhyme in the message body.
The following are not updated any more:

  • AWAD Review Songs
    A song based on each week's words. It was included in the weekly AWADmail (in issues 604 to 620).

  • Haiku
    A haiku for each day's word from A.Word.A.Day

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