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Other books by Anu Garg:
Another Word A Day

The Dord, the Diglot, and an Avocado or Two

A Word A Day: The Book

A Word A Day: A Romp Through Some of the Most Unusual and Intriguing Words in English
By Anu Garg
Paperback, 202 pages
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 978-0471230328

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"A delightful, quirky collection."
The New York Times

"Garg works in the great tradition of Wilfred Funk and Norman Lewis... Garg, however, is more fun."
Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Triggers the kind of passionate reaction that actors, authors and memoirists would die for."
USA Today

"Only Anu Garg, the founder of Wordsmith.org, can make word facts this much fun."
St. Petersburg Times

"Extraordinary words."
Chicago Tribune

"A lively compendium."
Hartford Courant

"Words to delight the lovers of this language."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Part reference work, part entertainment, English teachers, addicts of Scrabble, solvers of crossword puzzles, and other bibliophages will enjoy this book."
-Paul Dean, Times Literary Supplement (UK), Jan 21, 2003

"A wise and witty tour of the English language."
American Way (inflight magazine of American Airlines)

"Anu Garg's many readers await their Word A Day rations hungrily. Now at last here's a feast for them and other verbivores. Eat up!"
-Barbara Wallraff, senior editor
The Atlantic

"Lexicon lover shares selections with others who care about language."
Columbus Dispatch

"A treasure chest ... provides a glimpse of the richness of language."

"AWADies will be familiar with Anu Garg's refreshing approach to words: words are fun and they have fascinating histories."
-John Simpson, Chief Editor, Oxford English Dictionary

"A banquet of words! Feast and be nourished!"
-Richard Lederer, language and humor author

"One heck of a read ... highly recommended."
-Marc Sadowski, Book Review Cafe

"A delightful collection."
-Janet Overmyer, Ohioana Quarterly, Summer 2003

"Garg's passion has made him a household name."
-Chitra Bonam, The Week (India), Jan 26, 2003

"Stirring up the lexicon."
Outlook (India), May 26, 2003

"Fascinating ... lot of fun."
-James Clarke, The Star (South Africa), Jan 21, 2003

"A treasury of words... intriguing."
-The Star (Malaysia), Sep 19, 2003

"Indefatigably jaunty hilarity."
-Stephanie Merritt,
The Observer (UK), Jan 19, 2003

"Playful and humorous ... a book that other people will want to borrow from you."
-Jennifer L Buckendorff, Slashdot

"Words that are interesting, useful, or, usually, both, grouped according to thought-provoking themes."
-Lisa Burrell, Copy Editor newsletter, Dec 2002 - Jan 2003

"Delightful selection ... delectable sustenance for the soul as well as mind."
-Sanford Herald, Mar 19, 2003

"Clever, humorous, and always interesting approach to words ... to the delight of every linguaphile."
-Hilary White, Pages Magazine, Mar/Apr 2003

"An etymologist's delight."
-VAR India, Jul 2003

"A breezy stroll through word nuggets ... a sense of delight in words."
-Digit (India), Jun 2003

"A unique collection."
-Education Times (India), Jun 9, 2003

"Hours of education and amusement ... one happy romp through the world of words."
-The Times of India, May 30, 2003

"Never be tongue-tied again ... be a word wizard."
-Cosmopolitan (India), Jun 2003

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