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25 Years of Wordsmith.org

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“For 25 years, Wordsmith.org has been refreshing the linguistic parts other sites have not reached. Congratulations!”

-David Crystal, author of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language

“Twenty-five years of A.Word.A.Day! Twenty-five years of curiosity engaged and satisfied, words learned, relearned, and added to vocabularies, and who knows how many email forwards (until the recipients break down and subscribe for themselves)! Congratulations to Anu Garg, to Wordsmith.org, and to all the devoted subscribers!”

-Erin McKean, Founder of Wordnik.com, former Editor-in-Chief of US Dictionaries, Oxford University Press

“Congratulations to Wordsmith.org on 25 years of fostering joy in words; here's to 25 more!”

-Steve Kleinedler, former Executive Editor, American Heritage Dictionary

“In 1992 I didn't even have the internet at home. Amazing to see Wordsmith has thrived across so many generations of the web.”

-Lauren Gawne, Department of Linguistics, La Trobe University, Australia

“The Internet Anagram Server is one of my most-visited sites for puzzle-making. It's a fantastic tool.”

-Will Shortz, NPR Puzzlemaster and The New York Times Crossword Editor

“Congratulations to Wordsmith.org for spreading the joy of lex to language lovers in 171 countries. Onward into your sixth lustrum!”

-Martha Barnette, author and co-host of A Way with Words

“Great to see that the Word a Day emails that I subscribed to as a budding linguist are still going strong!”

-Gretchen McCulloch, author Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language and co-host, Lingthusiasm